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Bs in business administration 2020 2021 catalog

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B.S. in Business Administration 2020-2021 Catalog
(Accounting Concentration)
Suggested 4-Year Academic Flowchart
Updated 11/20/2019
Fall Winter Spring Fall Winter Spring Fall Winter Spring Fall Winter Spring
Legal Governmental &
Financial Managerial Principles of Information Fundamentals of Organizational Technology International
Responsibilities of Social Influences on Senior Project General Management
Accounting Accounting Marketing Systems Corporate Finance Behavior Management Business
Business Business and Strategy
BUS 207 (4) BUS 214 (4) BUS 215 (4) BUS 346 (4) BUS 391 (4) BUS 342 (4) BUS 387 (4) (See Catalog for (See Catalog for BUS 404 (4) (See Catalog for
(BUS 214 w/ min C-; (GE Area A; ECON 221; Courses) Courses) Courses) BUS 401 (4)
(BUS 212 or 214) (ECON 222 w/ min C-) (BUS 214) STAT 252 or 300-lvl BUS 207. Recom: STAT (4)3 (4) (BUS 207; ECON 222) (4) (BUS 342, 346, 387, 391,
STAT) 252) (Senior Standing) Sr Standing. One of the
following: ITP 303, 326,
330, 341, or 371)
Business Professionalism and Career Readiness
BUS 206 (2) Elective
ECON 222 (4) (See Catalog for
Statistical Statistical Calculus for Accounting Federal Income
Intermediate Intermediate
Inference for Inference for Microeconomics Business and Information Taxation for Auditing Accounting Ethics
Accounting I Accounting II
Management I Management II Economics Systems Individuals
1 1
STAT 251 (4) STAT 252 (5) ECON 221 (4) MATH 221 (4) 2
BUS 319 (4) BUS 320 (4) BUS 321 (4) BUS 322 (4) BUS 425 (4) BUS 424 (4)
* *
(BUS 214) (BUS 319) (BUS 319) (BUS 321 w/min C-) (BUS 322) (Instructor Consent)
(STAT 251 w/min C-)
[GE Elective] [B4]
GE (4)
Expository Writing ENGL 133 / 134 (4)** [A2] **
Can be taken anytime during Freshman Year
Oral Communication COMS 101 / 102 (4)** [A1] GE (4) GE (4) GE (4)
Can be taken anytime during Freshman Year ** ** **
Reasoning, Argumentation, & Writing [A3]
COMS 126; COMS / ENGL 145; ENGL 148; PHIL 126 (4)** GE (4) GE (4) GE (4) GE (4) GE (4) GE (4) GE (4)
(Completion of GE A2 with a C- or better) ** ** ** ** ** ** **
Can be taken anytime between Winter of Freshman and Winter of Sophomore Years

Free Elective
(2) GE (4) Free Elective Free Elective Free Elective Free Elective Free Elective Free Elective
BUS 100
** (1) (4) (4) (4) (4) (2)
Concentration Graduation Writing Requirement GWR*
(Students can attempt to fulfill the requirement after 90 earned units;
students should complete the requirement before senior year)
14 17 16 15 16 16 12 16 16 14 16 12
TOTAL: 180
Notes: Legend:
* Refer to current catalog for prerequisites. Course # (Units)
**One course from each of the following GE areas must be completed: A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, Upper-Division B, C1, C2, Lower-Division C Elective, Upper-Division C, D1, D2, Upper-Division (Prerequisite) Support (21)
D, E, and GE Elective. Upper-Division B, Upper-Division C, and Upper-Division D should be taken only after Junior standing is reached (90 units)

Refer to online catalog for GE course selection, United States Cultural Pluralism (USCP) and Graduation Writing Requirement (GWR). Concentration (28)
USCP requirement can be satisfied by some (but not all) courses within GE categories: Upper-Division B, C1, Upper-Division C, D1, Upper-Division D, or E. [GE Area]
STAT 301 (4) and STAT 302 (4) may be used as a substitute for STAT 251 (4) and STAT 252 (5). All students must still complete two approved GE B4 courses. STAT 301 and STAT 302 General Ed. (60)
are not GE courses. See catalog for full description. STAT 252 may be offered in classroom-based or online format

Students pursuing the ECON: Quantitative Concentration should take MATH 141 and 142 instead of MATH 221. Free Electives (21)
Two Technology Management Major Requirements that can double count for Upper-Division B (ITP 330 and 341). Double Counting will cause an increase in the number of free elective units needed

4 units Approved Electives required. See catalog for course options


See catalog for full description. STAT 252 may be offered in classroom-based or online format. **One course from each of the following GE areas must be completed: A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, Upper-Division B, C1, C2, Lower-Division C Elective, Upper-Division C, D1, D2, Upper-Division

UT Dallas 2021 Undergraduate Catalog Naveen Jindal School of Management Business Administration (BS) Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree Requirements (120 semester credit hours) 1 View an Example of Degree Requirements by Semester Faculty Professors: Ashiq Ali , Alain Bensoussan , Gary Bolton , Metín Çakanyildirim

Academic Catalog Provost Office 2020-2021 Business and Administration Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration Available Emphasis Areas: Entrepreneurship and Small Business - Emphasis Global Business - Emphasis Human Resource Management - Emphasis Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Emphasis Management - …

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 2020-2021 Degree Completion Plan Important: This degree plan is effective for those starting this degree program in fall 2020 through summer 2021....

To ensure a foundation knowledge for business, all students within the College of Business Administration, working toward a bachelor of science degree, are required to complete 42 hours of core courses: ACCT 205 (3) ACCT 206 (3) or 306 (3) BSAD 221 (3) BSAD 310 (3) or ENGL 310 (3) BSAD 490 (3) CIS 231 (3) ECON 211 (3) ECON 212 (3) FINC 302 (3)

2022 Graduate Catalog; 2021 Graduate Catalog; 2020 Graduate Catalog; 2019 Graduate Catalog; 2018 Graduate Catalog; 2017 Graduate Catalog; 2016 Graduate Catalog; UT Dallas 2020 Undergraduate Catalog. Naveen Jindal School of Management ... FACG> jsom-business-administration-bs. Professors: Ashiq Ali, ...

Fall 2021 at the University of Southern Maine. Jump to main content. ... › 2020-21 Catalogs › BS in Business Administration - Sport Management Major; 2020-21 Catalogs. Additional Navigation Additional Navigation. Welcome; Undergraduate Catalog. Table of Contents; The University; Disclaimers;

Refer to catalog for official degree requirements. You must receive a GPA of at least 2.00 on all college-level course work. Students must earn at least 25 percent of the credit hours required for graduation through instruction by Dallas College. Contact your advisor for information. AAS DEGREE MINIMUM: 60 SEMESTER CREDIT HOURS

The School of Business programs are designed to prepare graduates for work in a rapidly changing and competitive marketplace with local, regional, and global companies. With Mason’s location in Northern Virginia and proximity to Washington, D.C., combined with the assistance of the School of Business’s own Career Services staff and Student ...

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