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Data Sheet
IT Operations Management
Business Service Catalog Service
Design, transform, and manage your IT service offerings with Micro Focus® Business Service Cata­
log Service

Cloud, security, mobility, and big data are con- Overview Key Benefits
verging to produce tremendous change in IT. Our experts can help you understand all as- ■■ Align IT services to meet business requirements
Increasingly, the business units are going out- pects of the Business Service Catalog, ana- in terms the business understands
side of IT to get services they consider critical lyze your current state, plan for the future, and
■■ Clearly communicate service level performance
and strategic. According to some estimates, help you design and deploy the catalog. We to business requirements
more than 80 percent of employees use one work with you to address specific questions
such as: ■■ Establish a starting point for integration and
or more nonapproved SaaS applications to do
management of all IT services within a single
their jobs. ■■ From the business perspective, what catalog portal
does IT do for my organization?
■■ Leverage a Service Model roadmap for
In this environment, enterprise IT must adapt or
■■ How do I determine which service requests continuous service lifecycle improvement
find itself marginalized. It is no longer sufficient
should be provided to the business users? ■■ Provide consistency in IT service management
for IT to act just as a helpdesk and IT infrastruc-
■■ What is the right Service Model that processes
ture organization. CEOs now ex­pect more stra-
tegic value from IT—contri­buting to their top-line will help me continuously define the ■■ Demonstrate the value proposition of IT
growth on top of bot­tom-line improvements. right services for my business?
■■ How do I measure the cost and
Designing and implementing a Business value of a business service?
Service Catalog is a critical step you can take ■■ How can I best describe a service
to align IT service offerings to those that the in business user terms?
business expects and requires. It will help your
■■ What deliverables will I get from IT
IT organization identify and develop a struc- and when can I expect them?
tured approach to consistently address strate-
■■ What are the responsibilities
gic business demand and build proper service
of the service consumer?
definitions through close collaboration with
your business unit partners and stakeholders. ■■ How can I ensure that my organization,
people, and processes adopt
The Business Service Catalog will become a servicecentric model?
the central repository for the information ■■ How do I drive adoption of the
used to govern and manage the entire ser- Business Service Catalog?
vice lifecycle of each business service and
will allow you to support business, IT, user and Assess and Design
supplier requirements. Micro Focus can help you design the best ap-
proach for designing, deploying, and continu-
ously improving the Business Service Catalog

Our Service Model Workshops bring together ■■ Business Service Catalog
key stakeholders from the business and IT so Communication: We work with you to
that both organizations are aligned with cor- develop and run communication plans
porate goals and each other. and awareness campaigns to educate all
end users—business and IT. Marketing
We assess your current maturity level and help templates to create best-in-class
you develop an appropriate Business Service communication and awareness of new
Catalog strategy. In addition, we help you de- business service offerings are provided

termine optimal service taxonomy; the scope ■■ Business Service Catalog Deployment:
of a service offering; and best practices for Micro Focus consultants with deep Contact us at:
measuring, managing, and communicating industry expertise will design and
the value of a service. Our goal is to help you deploy your Business Service
communicate clearly and effectively to both Catalog. We leverage Micro Focus Like what you read? Share it

your line of business and IT stakeholders, as best practices aligned with ITILv3
well as the general end-user community. and industry-proven examples

■■ Strategic business service map: ■■ Rapid time-to-market: We provide you
working with your key business and IT with business and IT process models organizations realize value from their
stakeholders, we help you develop a to help you define and implement Micro Focus software investments
map that provides a visual depiction of your Service Model and supporting ■■ Rich intellectual property and unparalleled
your IT services, enabling you to easily service definition blueprint. reach into product engineering
communicate how IT services provide
value to your business customers. ■■ Technology-agnostic implementation
Manage approach with no vendor
■■ Business service brochures: A visual ■■ Education and training: Micro
lock-in, no rip-and-replace
aid that complements the strategic Focus’s education and training
business service map and helps solutions experts help ensure rapid ■■ Education and support services
business users understand in detail the time-to-value and continuous to ensure adoption
purpose and value of each service. improvement. Training is offered via
onsite classroom settings, virtual room Learn more at
■■ Business service definition: Each
instruction, and online tutorials.
service that supports a business
unit and its unique processes will be ■■ Ongoing updates: Our Business Service
defined and described in business Catalog management processes enable
terms, including information on cost, you to maintain your Service Model
value, and performance levels. and the resulting service definition
■■ Service request catalog: As part of blueprints that provide support for
each service definition, service requests both IT and business users

are identified, and can be deployed in ■■ Metrics for IT and LOB: Get visibility
a single location for business and IT into established service levels for each
users to log requests, track status, and service. Metrics and measurements are
generate IT service performance reports. presented in language and terms that
are relevant to both types of users

Key Features
Enabling a Service-Centric Organization The Micro Focus Professional
Micro Focus experts draw from over 20 years Services Difference
of experience designing mission-critical Micro Focus provides unmatched capabili-
Service Management solutions for complex, ties with a comprehensive set of consulting
global organizations. We provide: and implementation services and unique
intellectual property that help you drive in-
■■ Business Service Catalog Enablement:
novation through streamlined and efficient
Our experts in Management
software delivery

of Organizational Change help
ensure adoption and continuous ■■ Proven Micro Focus software
improvement with a four-step change solution implementation expertise
process that addresses the needs ■■ More than 20 years of experience
of teams as well as individuals. helping large, complex, global
160-000415-001 | H | 11/19 | © 2019 Micro Focus or one of its affiliates. Micro Focus and the Micro Focus logo, among others, are trademarks or
registered trademarks of Micro Focus or its subsidiaries or affiliated companies in the United Kingdom, United States and other countries. All other
marks are the property of their respective owners

Business Service Catalog Deployment: Micro Focus consultants with deep industry expertise will design and deploy your Business Service Catalog. We leverage Micro Focus best practices aligned with ITILv3 and industry-proven examples. Rapid time-to-market: We provide you with business and IT process models to help you define and implement

Business Service Catalog Service Design, transform, and manage your IT service offerings with Micro Focus® Business Service Cata­ log Service. Cloud, security, mobility, and big data are con-verging to produce tremendous change in IT. Increasingly, the business units are going out-side of IT to get services they consider critical and strategic.

Service Catalogs set expectations for both customers and service providers about the delivery, quality, and level of services. Any Service Manager Business Service owner can create or maintain a Service Catalog using a simplified Service Manager interface and wizards to guide them in adding or changing service offerings.

The Micro Focus® Service Catalog Assessment Service® from Micro Focus Professional Services helps your IT organization establish its service portfolio and present business and IT services through a service catalog. This en-ables you to create a central repository that is used to govern and manage the entire service lifecycle for each business ...

A Service Catalog contains a comprehensive list of enterprise products and services available to internal and external customers, depending on their business role. Users submit service requests that follow the usual planning and approval workflows. Service Manager fulfills service requests by using an internal interface to route the requested ...

The Service Catalog requires some management so that users have access to the approriate items and services and that requests are approved efficiently. Service Catalog managers are able to organize items and services into categories and bundles and use Service Catalog capability words and catalog items definitions to manage access.

Service Catalogs set expectations for both customers and service providers about the delivery, quality, and level of services. Any Service Manager Business Service owner can create or maintain a Service Catalog using a simplified Service Manager interface and wizards to guide them in adding or changing service offerings.

On average, only 40% of incidents and service requests come through a catalog or self-service portal. To get better numbers, consider expanding the types of services you offer to go beyond IT. Talk of Service Catalog then leads us into the broader topic of Demand Management. More on that later.

If you need to reference a value populated based on the Dynamic Form options selected, each selected item has a corresponding record in the svcCartItems table. The selected options are all stored together in the options field, and are XML tagged. Here's an example from ordering a iPaq from the OOB catalog: form>truetrue.

The Micro Focus Services specialist will schedule the delivery of This Service at a time mutually agreed upon between Micro Focus and the customer, which shall be during lo ­ cal Micro Focus standard business hours, ex­ cluding holidays, unless otherwise agreed by Micro Focus. Any services provided outside

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business service catalog?

(See more service catalog best practices below.) The business service catalog is the service catalog view that is shared with users and customers. Without a business service catalog, the service provider has trouble articulating what products and services they offer.

What is micro focus llcs website?

Where is Micro Focus, LLC's headquarters? What is Micro Focus, LLC's industry? What is Micro Focus, LLC's phone number? What is Micro Focus, LLC's website? Micro Focus, LLC's website is External Website. Opens New Window How many employees does Micro Focus, LLC have? Who is Micro Focus, LLC's key principal?

What should i be aware of when designing a service catalog?

Be aware that all details related to a service, such as technical specifications, offerings, SLAs, and costs, may not apply to every type of customer. Because your overall service catalog is extensive and used broadly, maintaining two different views into the service catalog can delineate needs and information per stakeholder.

What is the micro focus business information report snapshot?

Looking for a credit report on Micro Focus, LLC? Our Business Information Report Snapshot is a collection of business credit scores and ratings that help you gauge the financial health of your customers, suppliers, and business partners Access the company's payment history and background information on key employees

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