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Course Catalog
August through December 2019
WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: olliatuga INSTAGRAM: [email protected]
A Busy Fall 2019
[email protected] offers members an impressive collection of over 230 classes on Other returning speakers/programs include:
a large variety of subjects for its Fall 2019 Semester that begins August • Charlotte Marshall who will lead several local historic tours;
20. Registration is scheduled July 24. • Bill Cosgrove presents two classes on WWII subjects; and
• Local attorney John Lyndon shares his interest in music through a
Among the highlights are celebrations to observe the organization’s 25th program on the making of Eric Clapton’s classic rock hit “Layla.”
Anniversary of its founding and 10th year as an Osher Life Long Learning
Institute. The organization began in 1994 as an outgrowth of a book club Longtime member and OLLI Historian Bill Loughner, who chairs our Great
with about 100 members. It joined the Osher network in 2009 and today Books Discussion class, will lead off our 25th and 10th year Anniversaries
is one of 123 independent affiliates in 50 states. observance. He will present on [email protected]’s Early Years

“Thanks to the hard work of our curriculum committee and staff, we Among other members who will be sharing their experiences and
have another series of classes and programs our members should find expertise are:
interesting, entertaining, and educational,” said Tim Meehan, executive • Randall Abney on Olive Oils & Vinegars;
director. • Peter Balsamo and Andy Horne team-up for a program on
Intergenerational experience in “How To Live Forever;”
Fall semester runs 17-weeks ending December 13. More than 200 • Roy Martin History of the Violin Family;
speakers are lined up featuring current UGA professors, emeriti instructors, • Alan Black shares insights on storytelling; and,
recognized national and regional experts, community representatives and • James Lineberger has a number of programs on Architecture in
our own members. Athens and leads the popular Athens Museum Mile tour

Several new classes are being offered: Additionally, several prominent speakers will visit [email protected] in live, two-
• Broderick Flanagan & Fred Smith on the subject of Athens African way, on-line classes. Among those are:
American History in Words and Portraits; • Susan Dentzer of Washington, DC will present a two-series program
• Natalie Smith, a local musician, presents a history of the Flute family on healthcare in America;
of instruments; • Steven Yale Loehr from Cornell University Law School about
• Jonathan Haupt, director of the Pat Conroy Center at Beaufort, SC immigration law (he presented at last year’s [email protected]
on Pat Conroy’s Reverence for the art of Teaching; summer lecture series);
• Ajejandro Otiz presents Wine 101: Fundamentals of Wine and Wine • Dr Christine Sanderson from Amherst College about the “science of
Fundamentals. happiness;” and
• Seth Emerson will share what it’s like to be a sports writer covering • Brent Green, author and consultant, regarding his recent book about
Georgia Football; and the Year of 1969

• Former Georgia State Representative Allen Peake, who sponsored
Haleigh’s Hope Act in 2015 that established a registry legalizing So there are plenty of choices. Make your fall learning plans now

possession of low THC cannabis oil for limited medical purposes, Registration opens at 10 A.M. on July 24

will discuss the background and issues of this timely topic

And we will welcome Athens District Attorney Ken Mauldin who is
presenting a program on the role of the D.A. and an overview of the state’s
What’s Inside?
court system. Online Registration Guide Page 3
Fall 2019 Registration Information Page 5
Charlie Hayslett, an award-winning journalist, speechwriter and Alphabetic Listing of Presenter Page 7
public relations counselor, will present his observations on costs and
consequences of the widening economic, educational and political divide Luncheons Page 10
between urban and rural Georgia Courses Listing with Descriptions Page 12
Course Calendar Page 32
Popular OLLI instructor Dr. David Dallmeyer, a retired UGA Geology Shared Interest Groups Page 58
Professor, is offering two courses, Building the Appalachians and Maps Page 58
Geological Hazards. Course List with Schedule Page 60
August - December 2019, Page 2 OLLI Course Catalog
Course Catalog River’s Crossing
850 College Station Road
August - December 2019 Athens, GA 30602-4811
Telephone: 706.542.7715
EMAIL: [email protected]
Dear [email protected] friends: WEBSITE:
We hope you will find many courses to enjoy in OLLI’s course catalog. FACEBOOK: olliatuga
As you know, OLLI provides courses to our members for the purpose of education INSTAGRAM: [email protected]
only. All of our instructors have agreed not to advertise or sell to class participants
any products or services from which they benefit financially. We hope that OLLI’s [email protected] Staff
policy, in keeping with the University’s conflict-of-interest regulations, will prevent Executive Director Tim Meehan
exploitation, intended or unintended. Office Manager Shelly Magruder
Program Services Coordinator Amanda Nix
Member Services Coordinator Ryan Robinson
We are delighted that OLLI’s curriculum includes courses offered by accomplished Office Assistant Rita Healan
individuals with expertise in arts, scholarly disciplines, health, commerce, and Bookkeeper Mandy Blaylock
industry. We want to provide a wide-range of excellent courses appealing to Marketing Assistant Amy Munnell
OLLI members’ many different interests. Our talented instructors may discuss art
they have created, books they have written, industries in which they work, and OLLI Officers of the Board
non-profit organizations in which they participate as long as they do not sell or President Chris Jones
advertise to the class any products or services from which they benefit financially. President Elect Cher Snyder
Secretary Ann Shumpert
OLLI does not endorse any products or services offered by OLLI instructors or OLLI Treasurer Mamie Mierzwak

OLLI Board of Directors
We make every effort to be sure that members do not feel pressured by class Jim Alberts Victor Gagliano
instructors to purchase goods or services. On the other hand, there are cases Sherry Malone Penny Oldfather
Bill Barstow Roy Martin
in which the policy blocks our members from opportunities that they would like
Richard Bouldin Barbara Timmons
to have. The main case in point is book signing. OLLI recruits some excellent Susan Dougherty Bob Yorczyk
authors to teach classes related to books they have written. Frequently [email protected]
members choose to purchase those books in preparing for class and would like OLLI Committee Chairs
have the opportunity for the author to sign them. Authors are often motivated to Bylaws Barbara Timmons
teach for [email protected] by their hope for more visibility for their books. Curriculum Renny Barnes
Bob Yorczyk,
Therefore, after consultation with several in [email protected] leadership, the following Finance Denny Beresford
Curriculum Committee policy has been adopted: Fund Development Pending
Hospitality Sue Flemmingr
Authors will make no attempt to sell books to students in their classes Long Range Planning Vacant
Marketing & Communications Patricia Dixen
and no books will be sold to OLLI class members by the authors during
Membership Dawn Torcivia
the class. However, as part of OLLI classes, authors can sign books that Nominating Cher Snyder
have been previously purchased and brought to class by OLLI members. Special Interest Groups Terry Kaley
Authors can be notified of this option when they are recruited to teach Travel Study Joan Zitzelman
and OLLI members will be informed of this opportunity. Volunteer Coordinator Sandy Clark
This policy encourages authors’ interest in teaching for OLLI and allows our
members to purchase books they are exposed to in OLLI classes, without pressure. Historian William Loughner
Please continue to share your opinions on the courses you take by evaluating them Parliamentarian William Loughner,
online. Your evaluations will help the Curriculum Committee recruit courses to your Don Schneider
liking in the future

OLLI Course Catalog August - December 2019, Page 3
Online Registration Guide
Please read the following guide carefully,
even if you have registered online with us before

Before Fall Class registration opens, you will be able to:
• View Fall Classes (but not register)
• register for Membership, Summer Programs, and Travel Study Trips
Accessing the registration site:
• Go to
• Select the ‘Members Area’ link in the top left hand corner

• Select the option to ‘Register for Membership and Classes’ and you will be taken to the registration site

Current Members:
• If your membership expires on December 31, 2019, you will be able to add items straight to your cart

• If your membership is due to expire on June 30, 2019, you will need to add a membership to your cart before you can select any of the
classes. We strongly suggest that you do this before class registration opens

• If you do not know whether you are a July or January member, sign in, select ‘My Account’ from the menu and then click on
‘My Membership’

New Members:
• If you are not currently a member, create a new account by clicking the ‘Sign In’ link and scrolling to the bottom of the page

• We strongly suggest that you go ahead and purchase a membership so that you will be ready to add classses when class registration opens

You will need to sign in to your account using the ‘Sign In’ link
under the main banner. If you are not signed in, you will not be able Reminder: OLLI Course Registration
to add items to your cart

and Cancellation Policies
Adding Classes: • If you know you cannot attend a class please notify the
Classes are listed alphabetically and by category. OLLI office. To receive a refund, you must notify the office
You can see how many spaces are still available in the class before you seven days before the first class session (or two weeks
register. before in case of luncheons). You can now submit your
To select a class click the ‘Add to cart’ button- this will take you through cancellation request online using the form located on
to your shopping cart. the OLLI website (More Links>Forms > Request to Cancel
Preview your cart and return to classes by using the back button. a Class or Trip)

If a class is full, you can add yourself to the waitlist by selecting the ‘Add
• You can register for a course at the last minute, but be
to Waitlist button’

sure to check with the OLLI office before attending. Some
classes have waitlists and those on the waitlist receive
Checking out: priority

Once you have registered for all the classes you wish to take, you can
proceed through the checkout process. • The office will send out reminders about all the classes,
You will be able to return to add classes and events at any point using but just to be sure mark them down in your calendar
the same instructions. when you register

Please note that while Waitlisted classes will appear on your receipt with
a charge, you do not pay for the class until you have a seat. • Also please note that [email protected] does not pro-rate its
If you are using a public computer, please remember to log out

class fees. You will be charged for all sessions of a class
regardless of how many you attend

August - December 2019, Page 4 OLLI Course Catalog
Parking Tags for River’s Crossing for 2019 - 2020
Each individual who registers for just one class at River’s Crossing will receive a semi-permanent hangtag for the River’s
Crossing Parking Lot. The tag will be gray and valid through July 31, 2020. Members will not pay a separate fee for parking

Rather, a parking fee is included in class fees

The semi-permanent tag issued to members who register for a River’s Crossing class will be good for all classes, meetings
and events at River’s Crossing during the coming OLLI year

What you need to know:
These hangtags are only good for the River’s Crossing Lot,
and are not good for anywhere else on campus

The office will notify all registrants when parking tags are ready to be picked
up. Parking tags will not be mailed.

The cost to replace a lost tag will be $25—so hang on to your tag!
SAVE THE DATES Fisher Fund Tuition
Assistance Program
July 10, noon – July 17, noon Class Host Pre-Registration
Upon the death of Carol Fisher, OLLI established
June 26, 10:00- noon New Member Orientation a memorial fund in her honor to provide funds
for tuition assistance to OLLI members, per the
July 10, 10:00- noon New Member Orientation
policy below:
July 10, noon – July 17, noon Class Host Pre-Registration
All registered [email protected] members shall be
July 10, 2:00- 3:00 PM Class Host Training eligible for Fisher Fund tuition assistance upon
simple oral or written application to the Executive
July 18, 10:00-11:00 AM Class Host Training Director, such application to remain confidential

Approved requests are limited to $100 per
July 19, 10:00- noon New Member Orientation
person per semester, as credits to defray class
July 24, 10 AM General Registration Opens fees selected by the member. Applicants can
apply in any number of succeeding semesters,
August 9, 1:00-3:00 PM Lifelong Learning Fair with dollar ceiling limits as recommended by the
Finance Committee and approved by the Board
August 14, 10:00- noon New Member Orientation
in advance of each semester. The Executive
August 14, 2:00- 3:00 PM Class Host Training Director will have authority to extend any Tuition
Assistance request above the $100 maximum
August 20 Classes Begin on a case-by-case exception approved by the
President. Contact [email protected] for information
September 26, noon -2 PM Membership Picnic or to confidentially request tuition assistance

OLLI Course Catalog August - December 2019, Page 5
Fall 2019 Registration Information
Catalogs will be mailed the second week of December in order to get ahead of the holiday mailing rush. We anticipate opening general
registration on Wednesday, July 24, 10 AM. Watch for semester updates via email announcements, our website, and social media

REGISTRATION HINTS (Knowledge long-time members take for granted)
After class host registration which is scheduled for July 10-17, the online store will “go quiet” as we prepare for general registration

We reset the number of seats available, verify all data once more, and get all the parts of the system realigned

Registering Online
• Follow the Online Registration Guide, at least the first time. We encourage you to use the guide until you are comfortable with
the terminology and the process. The guide can be found on page 3 of your catalog

• Payment is your registration. If you are worried about a class filling quickly, register and pay for that class first and then go
back and add additional classes to your registration

• Waitlists: The new system does not collect payment for any class in which you are waitlisted when you register. You will be
required to pay if you are moved to the regular roster

If you do not wish to register online
• Paper registrations can be mailed in or dropped by the office as soon as the catalog is received. All mailed-in registrations are
date-stamped and stored in the safe until registration opens

• If registering by paper, please be sure to indicate session “A, B, or C” for classes with multiple offerings

• Mailed-in registrations do not provide advantage or guarantee a “leg-up.” The office is vying on your behalf for the same
seats as members who have chosen to self-register online

General Information
• Members can register for a class up until the first day the class meets, as long as there are no previously stated time
restrictions (i.e. luncheons)

• Due to the high volume of activity during the initial registration period, registrations will not be processed over the phone

[email protected]’s class cancellation policy requires that members notify the office in writing seven days prior to the first class

Members interested in serving in a short term volunteer role can serve as a class host. Host registration will be July 10-17. There is
one spot in a class made available during this time. If you are willing to be a class host, simply secure that spot and you are confirmed
as the class host. New or returning hosts can take advantage of a training session on July 10 or July 18

Mission Statement
[email protected] is dedicated to meeting the intellectual, social and cultural needs of
mature adults through lifelong learning

August - December 2019, Page 6 OLLI Course Catalog
September 27 Day Trip to Revolutionary War Battlefields in a performance of “Chicago” at the Springer Opera House, lovingly
Cowpens and Kings Mountain Tour exhibits at both National restored and maintained as a gem of Victorian-era splendor

Battlefields that will explain how these two conflicts changed the
course of the Revolutionary War in the Southern colonies and led to Cost for the trip, double occupancy is $270, single occupancy, $326,
the 1781 final victory at Yorktown. Then walk as you please along including round trip motorcoach transportation, overnight lodging with
the flat terrain at Cowpens recreating the strategic maneuvers that full breakfast; two mid-day full meals, admission to military museums,
allowed Colonial troops and cavalry to defeat a superior force of and tickets to the “Chicago” performance. Dinner Thursday night of
British arms and men. Then walk the pathways at Kings Mountain your choice and on your own in downtown Columbus. You will be
and visualize how mountain men came from the western frontier and provided with a list of restaurants near to the Springer to assist in
charged up a mountainside using frontier tactics to overpower the your choice

larger British force aligned at the mountaintop

If you have questions about this trip, you are welcome to contact Alan
Cost for the trip: $107, providing motorcoach transportation, admission Campbell:([email protected]; 770-630-8744) or Gina Reed:
and tours of both battlefields and a picnic lunch at Cowpens. [email protected]; 706-714-4482)

If you have questions about this trip, you are welcome to contact Curriculum Bonus: You may choose to take a one-session OLLI
Bill Alworth: [email protected]; Pete Pellegrini: [email protected] course at River’s Crossing prior to this trip, that will detail the importance of Fort Benning during World War II

October 3-4 Overnight Trip to Columbus-Fort Benning Area. November 6-7 Overnight Trip to Asheville-Biltmore Estate. At our
“Theatre of War and Musical Theatre”. Learn why and how the first stop in Asheville, visit the Thomas Wolfe Memorial State Historic
Chattahoochee River at Columbus served as a strategic Confederate Site, portraying the early 20th century atmosphere brought so vividly
base for the movement of supplies and military defense during the to life in his first novel, “Look Homeward, Angel.” Then kick off your
Civil War, with a visit to the National Civil War Naval Museum. In holiday season with both daylight and evening candlelight tours at
addition, we will also visit a museum devoted to World War II training the Biltmore Estate, viewing the 20th century mansion hideaway in
and preparation of ground troops to launch the June 1944 invasion the Southern Appalachians with all its Christmas finery and festivity,
of Normandy and the liberation of Europe. This museum holds more including choirs and live musicians. As we depart, see Biltmore’s
than 29,000 artifacts. Fort Benning was the center for training of the majestic 55-foot Norway Spruce aglow with 45,000 lights and
first paratroop battalions and many of the infantry divisions. Enjoy hundreds of luminaries. The next day, enjoy Antler Hill Village, the
Winery, and a tour of the historic grounds of Biltmore as designed by
Frederick Law Olmsted for the Vanderbilt family

Why Join the Waitlist? Cost for the trip: $448, which includes round trip motorcoach
transportation, visit to the Thomas Wolfe Memorial State Historic Site,
The office recommends registering for a class overnight lodging with full breakfast, tour package at Biltmore Estate,
even if there is a waitlist. Why? Because we full dinner

are constantly evaluating enrollment numbers
If you have any questions about this trip, you are welcome to contact
and looking for solutions - whether it’s securing Gina Reed: [email protected]; or Sharon Davis: [email protected]
a larger space, working with a presenter to

increase their max participant limit, or offering an
Curriculum Bonus: You may choose to take a one-session OLLI
additional session. When we secure a solution, course at River’s Crossing about author Thomas Wolfe and his
we offer members on the waitlist the right of first significance as a 20th-century writer

refusal. Although the class will appear on your
These trips are open for registration now, by submitting paper
receipt, you will not be asked for payment until a
registration form with payment to the OLLI office or by registering
seat becomes available in the class. online

OLLI Course Catalog August - December 2019, Page 7
Alphabetic Listing of Presenters
Abney Randall Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The Good, the Bad and the Casey Kellie Mock Jury Trial at UGA Law School
Ugly Castleberry Nikki Behind the Scenes Tour of the Museum of Natural
Abney Randall Balsamic Vinegar: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly History
Agner Margaret Drawing: Fundamentals for OLLIs Chastain Bonnie Jo Growing Blueberries and Figs in Your Backyard
Agner Margaret Silk Painting Demonstration You Can Help Paint Coenen Sally Exploring a Piano Sonata
Alberts James Mining the Sea Floor Glomar Challenger and Cohan Alvin Britain, Brexit and the European Union
Glomar Explorer Colley Dan One Sojourner’s Perspectives on a Wormy World
Alworth William Great Decisions: Foreign Policy Issues 2019, Part II Cook Hope Discerning Your Calling in the Third Chapter of Life
Ames Glen Venezuela: A Crisis in the Making Cosgrove Bill Training for Combat in WW2
Armistead Jack Dramatic Monologues in English by Browning and Cosgrove Bill Another River – Combat River Crossings in the
Others European Theatre
Atwood Debra A Brief Intro Into the World of Aerials: A Visit to Cosgrove Bill The American Field Service in World War Two
Canopy Studio Covi Robert Critical Reading Short Stories for Fun
Balsamo Peter How to Live Forever: Connecting the Generations Cox Robert Medicare 101 - “Navigating the Medicare Maze”
(Book Discussion) Cox Robert Medicare 101 - “Navigating the Medicare Maze”
Barnes Brittany Bugs In Your Trees! Cramer Paul The Classic Center: Learn & Lunch
Barret Diane Hands That Can Do: African American Quilters – Crider Gary “Hike the Memorial Park Birchmore Trail to the
their work and their stories. Great Wall of Happy Hollow
Barstow William Darwin, FitzRoy and Wallace: The Intersection of Crider Gary Glyphosate: Ideal Herbicide or Global Menace?
Three Lives and the Theory of Evolution Crider Gary Invasive/Non-Native Plants: Identification and
Barton Elizabeth Watercolor Painting: How Did They Do That? Control
Bennett- Dawn Sigh…I don’t like what’s going on, but what can I Curran Peggy Letterboxing: A Mixture of Hiking, Puzzle Solving,
Alexander do?: The Power of One and Rubber Stamping
Berry Stephen Lust, Gluttony, and Greed in the American Civil War Curtis Joan Gerrymandering: How Does It Affect You?
Berry Stephen New Directions in Civil War Studies: The UnCivil Dale Peter Condor Chocolates Comes to River’s Crossing
War Series at UGA Press Dallmeyer David Building the Appalachians: Plate Tectonics and the
Black Alan Creative? Not Me, But I Want to Be Geology of Georgia
Black Alan Grandpa, Please Tell Me a Story Dallmeyer David Geological Hazards: Living With a Restless Planet
Black Alan Draw Cartoons for Fun with Your Grandchildren Davis Rod Central Pacific Campaign Tour
Boney Nash Virginia and Georgia in the American Civil War Dawe Sylvia Joy of Metalsmithing for Beginners
Boney Nash UGA Through the Centuries Dean O.C. The First Christmas Stories
Bradley Amber UGA Equestrian Facility Tour Dendy Larry Historic UGA North Campus: A Walking Tour
Branch Robert Using Remote Learning Technologies to Help Dentzer Susan Unequal Opportunities, Unequal Outcomes?
Foster Communities Averting the Worst For Health and Health Care in
Bray William Researching Your Past Lives: Figuring out Who You America
were in history Dinwiddie Susan History and Characteristics of Reed Instruments
Brick Marti Tour of the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital (Clarinet, Oboe)
Brooks Rusty China: Politics, Culture and History DiPalma Frank Healthy Feet and More
Brooks Rusty Croatia: A destination not to be missed Dismuke David Estate Planning and Probate Matters
Brown Lonnie The Life and Legacy of Ramsey Clark Dondero Tim French Cooking Class
Buchanan Tom Understanding the Bible: Ancient Texts in a Donnan Kitty Seven Years Aboard a (38 foot) Sailboat
Modern Light Donnan Kitty September 11, 2001: I Was There
Butchart Paul Athens Music History Tour with Paul Butchart Doolittle Donna Get to know UGA’s Ramsey Center for Physical
Butts Ed More Stories from the Mud Engineer Activities
Camp Tom Embodied Spirituality Dougherty Keith Constitutional Convention: A Data Analytics
Cannon Cara Color Tipped Scarf Knit-a-Long Perspective
Cardin Michael WUGA Radio Studio Tour Duncan Paul Latin American Plants for Southern Landscapes
Carlson Ron “Still More Dynamic Courtroom Moments“ Duncan Paul October 2019 Tour of the Latin American
Carter Laura Genealogy: Getting Started and Finding Resources Ethnobotanical Garden
Carter Lief Current Affairs Easom Maxine Across the River: The People, Places, and Culture
Carter Lief Has Western Democracy’s Time Come and Gone? of East Athens
Carter Lief Ask the Professor Eaton Thomas What’s Up at the Court?
Carter Laura Where Did They Come From? – Maps, Gazetteers, Emerson Seth What it’s like to be a sportswriter and cover
Google Earth and More Georgia football
Carter Laura Where Were They? – Using Census Records to Engel Jeffrey FDR and the Evolution of an American Ideal
Find Folks English John Obituaries: Capsules of Lives
Carty Sharon Your Spiritual Metaphysical Self Farmer Mark What to do about Climate Change
Carty Sharon Spiritual Metaphysics: Death and the Soul
(L) denotes Luncheon, (V) denotes Video Conference
August - December 2019, Page 8 OLLI Course Catalog
Farrell Warren Role of Elders in Reversing the Boy Crisis and Lineberger James Architecture in Athens: The Greek Revival Style
Dad-Deprivation Lineberger James Architecture in Athens: Then and Now
Fink Chuck Men in Transition: Redefining Retirement for a Loftin Laurie Water World: Be in the H2knOw
Better Quality of Life Loose Peter Building Paradise: The Life and Times of Howard
Frank Joe Food Safety for the Adventurous Eater Finster
Frank Joe Wine Flavors and Food Pairing Loughner Bill Great Books’ Great Conversations
Gantly Judith One Woman Play: Waltzing the Reaper Loughner Bill [email protected]: Our Early Years
Giannasi David Good Taste and Common Scents Loverde Joy Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old?
Giles Freda From the Great Migration to the Harlem Discussion with the Author
Renaissance Lowe John Reading Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God
Goddard Richard Challenges of the Air War Over Vietnam Luken Emily UGA Main Library: Tour & Introduction
Gonzalez Bianca Spanish Beyond the Basics Lyndon John Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll: The Making of Layla
Green Brent 1969 And All That(?) Maioriello Ed Art of Birding: Practical Steps to Learning about
Greif Geoffrey Retired Men: Intersecting Roles as Spouse, Father, Birds
Friend, Brother Maioriello Ed Learning Bird Songs
Gurian Paul 2020: Primaries and the General Election Marshall Charlotte Lecture/Tour of historic Taylor-Grady House, 634
Gurian Paul 2020: Primaries and the General Election Prince Ave, Athens GA
Hamby Mike Creating an Economy that Works in Athens-Clarke Martin Janet Helping “At-Risk” Children Succeed Academically
County Martin Roy History of the Violin and Other Bowed Instruments:
Hamilton Jay Ted Turner & Your TV Uses in Various Forms of Music
Hardin Ian Russia: St. Petersburg and a Love for Robert Burns Martin Jeffrey UGA Performing Arts Center: Behind the Scenes
Hardin Ian The World of Textile Fibers, both Natural and Mauldin Ken Role of District Attorney in Georgia/Overview of
Manufactured the Court System
Hartman Bill Why Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium? Mayer Joerg Exotic Animals: An Exotic Animal Veterinarian’s
Haupt Jonathan Pat Conroy’s Reverence for Teaching Routine
Hayslett Charlie Trouble in God’s Country McDonald Babs Struck by Stroke
Hebbard Jan Wondrous Strange! Exploring Georgia’s Natural McDuff Nancy So You Want to Go Back to School?
Wonders McNeill Ryan The American Chestnut (In a Nutshell)
Hecht Wyler Let’s talk about CBD! Meehan Tim The Fall of the Roman Republic
Helm Adrian American Voices of Nature: Emily Dickinson, Meehan Tim All About [email protected]
Robert Frost, Mary Oliver, and Wendell Berry Mintzer Dorian The Couple’s Retirement Puzzle: 10 Must-Have
Henry Hugh Take Down: Inside the Jan Kemp Affair Conversations
Herndon Keith Six Trends Redefining The Media Mitchell Edward Understanding American Muslims, Islam &
Hill John Trials and Tribulations of the Modern Middle East Islamophobia
Hinton Joseph The Ecology and Evolution of Red Wolves Moore Kellie Falling: Causes, Prevention, Solution
Holley Amanda Bugs, Guts, and Glory Mosses Johnny Bee More Stories From Georgia Golden Music Era
Hunter Nancy Journey to Freedom: Six Thai Elephants and Me (60s-70s)
Izlar Bob Natural and Cultural History of the Okefenokee Mowbray Kate Welcome to Sandy Creek Nature Center
Swamp Muthe John Living While Dying: Film and Discussion
Jackson Tom Commemorating Georgia’s Role in World War I Nicholson Judy CSI: How Fingerprints Are Used As Identification
Jefferson John Tales from the “Body Farm,” from a Writer Who Nolte Mary Using The Internet As A Home Design Tool
Lived to Tell Them Nolte Mary Selecting Your Perfect Paint Colors
Johnson Liz Cameo Collection: Caring for and Collecting Nolte Mary Accessorizing Your Home: The Finishing Touches
Cameo Jewelry Nute Donald Human Reasoning, Machine Reasoning, and Logic
Jones Krista Creating Spaces Oliver Jessica Container Gardening for the Seasons & Curb
Keene Tom Before Galileo: The Aristotelian View of Nature Appeal
(was super cool!) Ortiz Alejandro Wine 101: Basic Fundamentals of Wine and Wine
Kent Trecy F-117A Stealth Fighter Stories Myths and Truths Appreciation
Kent Trecy Investment Basics Overstreet Patrick Hatha Yoga: Basic Practice
Kleiber Douglas Using presentations on happiness to stimulate Parker Kathy Scenes from the Savannas: The Great Wildlife
psychological wealth management: A workshop Migrations
Knauft David Growing and Eating Organic Foods Patel Gordhan Portugal from Its Founding to its Role as an
Knauft David Superfoods: Reality or a marketing ploy? International Empire
Kreshel Peggy Finding My Community. Feminists, Feminism, and Payne Lindsey Spanish Feast
Advertising Peake Allen An Insider’s View of Medical Cannabis In Georgia
Kurtz Paul Drones and Sausage-Making: Regulating for Podvin Joshua Want to Volunteer in Athens? Go Oline
Privacy Porter Karen Tallassee Forest: A Wilderness Experience in
Kuykendall Nat Beech Haven: A Walking Tour Athens
Lewis Larry The Earth Transformed by Human Activities Porter Karen Oconee Rivers Greenway and the Firefly Trail
(L) denotes Luncheon, (V) denotes Video Conference
OLLI Course Catalog August - December 2019, Page 9
Probst Cliff The Third Man: Appearance and Reality Wallach Ron Petanque: The Greatest Game You Never Heard Of
Register Kolby UGA Student Veterans Walton Nancy Photobooks: How to Capture Your Memories
Renwick Margaret The International Phonetic Alphabet Waters Rick When All Else Fails, Ham Radio Works! Amateur
Renwick Margaret Who Has an Accent? Radio 101
Renzi- Lisa Communication Breakdown: Avoiding Watter Daniel Sexuality and Aging: Navigating the Sexual
Hammond Miscommunication in Healthcare Challenges of Aging Bodies
Roeder John Meet John Adams Weeks WElizabeth Healthism: Health-Status Discrimination and the
Ruppersburg Hugh O Brother, Where Art Thou?: History, Race, and Law
Myth Weger Jacob Dutch Delta Management in Historical and
Sanderson Catherine Science of Happiness Contemporary Perspectives
Saul Lawrence “March to Victory: The Liberation of France and Wengert Gene Google Your Family Genealogy
Western Europe- the Major Battles of 1944.” Wengert Gene Ancestry DNA Results: Making Sense and Finding
Saul Lawrence War and Remembrance: How the US Cousins
Commemorates the Fallen Wenner David The Origin of the Solar System
Schacher Roberta Can’t Start–Can’t Finish: The Cause & Treatment Wenner Helen Discover Educational Travel with Road Scholar
of Frustration in Intelligent Learning Whipple Amy Freezer Cooking: Recipes, Tips, and Tricks
Schell John Frozen and Liquid: Reflecting and Protecting Willard Hugh The Third Age: Exploring Meaning and Creativity in
Alaskan Waters Retirement
Schuster Richard Health Systems Outside the US: Are There Models Williams Geraldine Louis Comfort Tiffany from the Gilded Age to Art
We Can Adopt in the US? Nouveau
Shaw Scott UGA Observatory: View the Night Skies Williams Mark Bludwine to Budwine: An Athens Soft Drink
Shaw Scott UGA Observatory: View the Night Skies Wilson Adam The World Awaits, So Where Do You Want To Go?
Shiver Maddy Diabetes: Understanding and Living with the Wittenberg Tom Tai Chi
Disease Yale-Loehr Stephen Our Broken Immigration System and how to Fix It
Singh Tarkesh Can Non-contact Boxing Prevent Falls and Delay Yan Yajun Engineering Microbial Cell Factories
the Onset of Neurological Disorders?
Smartt John Aikido: The Way of Harmony
Smith Fred Athens African American History in Words and
Smith Brian The Guitar: History and Uses in Music Around the
Smith Natalie The Flute: History and Uses in Music Around the
Snook Maurice Astronomy for the Layperson
Snook Maurice I have a Stamp Collection; What is it Worth?
Snyder Cher Mastering the [email protected] Communications site
(powered by Mighty Networks)
Sochacka Nicola Bringing Empathy to the Center of STEM
Spruill Cleveland ACCPD Police Chief Shares his Vision
Stahl Kate Intimacy and Pleasure Over the Life Span
Stangle Nancy A Visit to The Beloved Land
Stangle Nancy A Visit to Athens Land Trust’s Williams Farm
Stein Katherine First Date with History at UGA’s Hargrett Library
Steinman Callan Georgia Museum of Art: A Treasure with Treasures
Sterkens Juliëtte What’s in Your Hearing Toolkit?
Summerlin Donnie Researching with Online Newspaper Archives
Summerlin Donnie 10 Beatles Songs and the Stories Behind Them
Sweat David Therapeutic Justice
Sweat David Criminal Justice Reform in Georgia and Across the
Tally Heather A Day at Work With a Veterinary Pharmacist
Tenenbaum Louis Policy to update homes for modern longevity
Thomas Emory The Confederacy: A Legacy Revisited A Proud Sponsor of
Tuggle Tom Thomas Wolfe’s “Look Homeward, Angel”: A
Turner Jan Telling Real Stories From Your Life
Venet Wendy A Changing Wind: Atlanta and the Civil War
Wagner Debbie Beginning Bridge I: Bidding
(L) denotes Luncheon, (V) denotes Video Conference
August - December 2019, Page 10 OLLI Course Catalog
A Changing Wind: Atlanta and the Civil War preserving a sense of political community and respect for a shared set of
Tuesday, August 27, 2019 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM rules. Lief Carter and Bob Grafstein will analyze this worrying pattern,
$25 with emphasis on the examples of Brexit across the pond and the Trump
Trumps Catering administration’s approach to the rule of law here at home

Lief Carter received his AB from Harvard (1962) and a law degree from
In 1845, Atlanta was the last stop at the end of a railroad line. By the Civil Harvard Law School (1965). He was a Peace Corps volunteer (Bolivia) in
War, it had become a major hub for four railroads, a commercial center, and a 1966-67 and received his PhD from the UC Berkeley, in 1972. Dr. Carter
bastion of Unionism. With Georgia’s secession, Atlanta became a Confederate taught political science at UGA until 1995. He twice received UGA’s Josiah
city. During the War, its population grew with its importance as a transportation Meigs Teaching Award. He taught from 1995 until 2008 at Colorado College

and supply center, an industrial center, and a hospital center for the lower He is the author of The Limits of Order, Reason in Law, and Contemporary
South. This presentation will focus on Atlanta’s rise and fall as a Confederate Constitutional Lawmaking

city but, more importantly, on the city’s diverse citizenry: white and black, ________________________________
male and female, well-to-do and everyday people

New Directions in Civil War Studies: The UnCivil
Wendy Venet earned her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois and taught in the War Series at UGA Press
state university system of Illinois before joining the faculty of Georgia State Tuesday, December 3, 2019 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
University in 1995. Her scholarship focuses on Civil War Atlanta. She authored $25
A Changing Wind: Commerce and Conflict in Civil War Atlanta, and is currently Trumps Catering
writing a book about commemoration of the Civil War by white and black Luncheon
Atlantans since 1865

________________________________ Stephen Berry takes you “behind the scenes” of the UGA Press series devoted
to the latest scholarship on the American Civil War. Berry will talk about some
From the Great Migration to the Harlem of his favorite titles, the books that have courted success and controversy,
Renaissance and what comes next for the series

Tuesday, November 5, 2019 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
$25 Stephen Berry is Gregory Professor of the Civil War Era at the University of
Trumps Catering Georgia, where he specializes in the history death records and the nineteenth-
Luncheon century American South. The author or editor of six books, including Weirding
the War: Tales From the Civil War’s Ragged Edges, Berry also oversees the
Just before World War I, a mass movement of African Americans from web project CSI: Dixie, featured in Slate and the New York Times

the South to the North, East, and West began that changed not only the ________________________________
human geography of the United States but also created a cultural explosion
commonly referred to as the Negro Renaissance or Harlem Renaissance. Dr. O Brother, Where Art Thou?: History, Race, and
Giles will provide a brief overview of this migration and its lasting effects, with
particular emphasis on the arts

Tuesday, October 8, 2019 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Before coming to the University of Georgia under a joint appointment in Theatre $25
and Film Studies and African American Studies, Dr. Freda Giles taught at Trumps Catering
State University of New York at Albany and City College, City University of New Luncheon
York. At UGA she taught courses in theatre history, African American theatre,
African theatre, and directing for the stage; she directed numerous University The directors of O Brother, Where Art Thou described their film as a “Ma and
Theatre productions and was honored to become a General Sandy Beaver Pa Kettle movie but with really big production values.” They were kidding

Teaching Professor. This hilarious film is full of rich textures and meanings. Its sources lie in
________________________________ ancient Greek literature, the American South, film, music, and popular culture

It’s a story of a confidence man, a treasure hunt, a man trying to win back his
Has Western Democracy’s Time Come and Gone? family, a buffoonish demagogue, three buddies on the road, and the quest for
Tuesday, October 22, 2019 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM home. Those attending this luncheon should see the film in preparation for
$25 Dr. Ruppersburg’s presentation

Trumps Catering
Luncheon Hugh Ruppersburg is retired from the University of Georgia, where he was
University Professor of English. He has written books and articles on American
Constitutional democracies are designed to settle political disagreements literature and film. He has edited five anthologies of work by and about
peacefully according to widely accepted rules. Increasingly, democracies Georgia writers and a collection of essays about the writer Don DeLillo

around the world find it difficult to accommodate political differences while ________________________________

Animal Kingdom Aquatic Biodiversity in the Southeast Bugs, Guts, and Glory Chickenology 101 Parrots:Field Trip to Deb Allwein’s Parrot Sanctuary Saving America’s Heritage Breeds: Intl Heritage Breeds Week Around Athens & Georgia Animal Rescue in the Athens Area: How Anyone Can Get Involved Athens Land Trust: A Visit to Williams Farm

This section of the catalog offers an alphabetical listing of graduate courses offered at Georgia Southern University, along with the college in which that course is taught. Prerequisites, Corequisites, and Cross Listings are noted at the end of each description. Graduate courses, in general, begin with a 6, 7, 8, or 9.

Florida A&M University’s course catalog system. Florida A&M University Mission Statement. Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) is an 1890 land-grant institution dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, resolution of complex issues and the empowerment of citizens and communities.

Choose from hundreds of free courses or pay to earn a Course or Specialization Certificate. Explore our catalog of online degrees, certificates, Specializations, & MOOCs in data science, computer science, business, health, and dozens of other topics.

Course Search; University Catalog; Registrar; Provost's Office; First and Second Year Programs; University Libraries; Student Life . Campus Life at Georgia Southern; Housing; ... Georgia Southern University. Statesboro Campus. 1332 Southern Drive Statesboro, GA 30458 912-478-4636. Armstrong Campus. 11935 Abercorn Street Savannah, GA 31419

Discover Regent University's premiere education. Explore our undergraduate and graduate course catalogs to learn about programs, courses and more. ... Course Catalogs. UNDERGRADUATE CATALOG. Fall 2022 (1.5 MB PDF) Spring 2022 – Summer 2022 (1.6 MB PDF) Fall 2021 (1.6 MB PDF) Spring 2021 – Summer 2021 (1.6 MB PDF) ARCHIVED …

Course Search; Catalog A- Z Index; Archived Catalogs; Georgia Southern University. Contact / Campuses / Maps. Statesboro Campus. 1332 Southern Drive Statesboro, GA 30458 912-478-4636 Armstrong Campus. 11935 Abercorn Street ... The PDF will include all undergraduate catalog content.

The Trident University Catalog contains all the information you need to succeed at Trident. ... Academic programs, including course descriptions; Graduation requirements; Policies; Procedures; 2021-2022 University Catalog – Academic Programs. 2021-2022 University Catalog – Policy Handbook.

Mobile developers and app developers are in high demand across a wide variety of industries, making this a great career path. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for software developers building applications specifically was $103,620 in 2018.For a sense of the range of salaries found, the lowest 10% in these roles earned less than $61,660 annually, and …

Northwest Georgia RESA. ... Course Catalog Advanced search ; Sort by. Show FY 23 Northwest GA RESA Teaching/Learning Collaborative (TLC) WS223017. $0. 23/35 available! REGISTER. Jul 27 2022 - Jun 28 2023; 01:00PM - 04:00PM; Floyd-NW GA RESA; Course Description #5003. AUDIENCE: Professional Learning/Curriculum Directors. The FY23 TLC …

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With so many options, how do you choose? Learn more about the many majors, minors and certificates offered at UGA to make the decision that is right for you. You can search for a specific course or select a prefix to view all the courses in a subject area. It's easy to compare up to three majors side by side.

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How many courses are offered at georgia law?

You will find a broad and challenging curriculum at Georgia Law - nearly 170 courses are offered, although not all of the listed courses are taught each year. Periodically, other courses are offered. Unless otherwise noted, all law courses carry the prefix "JURI."

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