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Ford maintenance schedule pdf template free download

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Keep the Feeling Alive
Buying a new vehicle is an exciting time. It’s a sensory experience – the purr of your engine, the new car smell, the feeling you get as you take to the
open road. It’s a thrilling time! But, purchasing your vehicle is only the first step in this exciting journey – you still have many years of vehicle
ownership and enjoyment to look forward to

As your chosen Dealer and manufacturer, we want to make sure that your ownership experience is a positive and satisfying one – that’s why we offer
Ford Service

You’re in Great Hands
Our goal with Ford Service is to work with you to help you keep that new vehicle thrill alive. You can expect:
We know your Ford best! Not only did we engineer your vehicle, but our Technicians are trained on Ford vehicles and receive ongoing education to
keep up with the latest technology and parts improvements

Quality Parts:
All parts are not created equal – only Ford and Motorcraft® parts are tested on Ford vehicles in real driving conditions to meet the same safety
standards as the original parts on your vehicle. Plus, they are backed by Ford and have competitive warranties, so you can enjoy worry-free driving

Consultative Approach:
At every visit, your vehicle will receive a thorough inspection using our Vehicle Report Card, so you can easily see how your vehicle is performing

For each inspected item, you’ll receive a check mark in a red, yellow, or green circle, identifying how your vehicle is operating, what critical
maintenance is required and what can wait for the future

Zero Guesswork
To help take the guesswork out of your vehicle’s scheduled
maintenance, your Service Advisor will utilize tools, which are only
available at your Ford Store, that contain the recommended
maintenance schedule designed specifically for your vehicle

Maintenance Tools
These tools allow your Service Advisor to tailor your
service requirements, taking into account your
driving habits and the specific operating conditions
of your vehicle. Your Service Advisor will also be
able to use these tools to provide you with your
future maintenance requirements, so you know
what to expect at your next service visit

Owner’s Guide
Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited
developed these tools – they mirror the
information in your Owner’s Guide and they
are only available at your Ford Store

Your Service Advisor can also provide you with information regarding Ford Extended Service Plans
and Ford Prepaid Maintenance Plans. Ford Extended Service Plans allow you to drive with confidence
knowing that your vehicle is protected and Ford Prepaid Maintenance Plans are an excellent way
to keep your vehicle running at its best

Give Your Vehicle What It Deserves • Maintained properly, the engine coolant/antifreeze
By following your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, you can help specified for your vehicle provides antiboil,
ensure your vehicle’s safety and performance, maintain your Engine
Cooling antifreeze, and corrosion protection
warranty, and enjoy optimal fuel efficiency. Below are some common
scheduled maintenance services for your vehicle: System • Consult the vehicle’s Owner’s Guide for important
engine coolant maintenance and specification
Service Benefits information
• Oil filters help protect your engine by screening out • Automatic transmission fluid contains rust
harmful abrasives that can damage engine parts and Automatic preventatives, anti-foam additives, detergents,
reduce performance Transmission anti-wear additives, anti-oxidation compounds,
• Oil lubricates the engine to keep it functioning properly cold-flow improvers, seal conditioners, and friction
• Regular changes help maximize fuel efficiency modifiers – over time and use, it can deteriorate
• To take the guesswork out of knowing when to change
your vehicle’s oil, most Ford vehicles are equipped with See your Owner’s Guide or Dealer for details

an Intelligent Oil Life Monitor (IOLM), which uses actual Owners’ Checks & Services – Protect Your
engine operating conditions to precisely calculate oil Investment
change intervals based on your driving habits
• When it’s time to change your oil, the following IOLM There are certain basic maintenance checks and inspections
messages will appear in your message centre: that should be performed on your vehicle at certain intervals

You can performs these checks yourself, or have one of our Ford
Oil and ENGINE OIL CHANGE SOON – at 5% of oil life trained Technicians inspect these maintenance items at your
Filter OIL CHANGE REQUIRED – at 0% of oil life next regular service appointment

Change When to expect the OIL CHANGE REQUIRED message Check Every Month
Kilometres Vehicle Use and Examples • Engine oil level
Extreme • Function of all interior and exterior lights
4,000 – • Maximum load/towing
7,999 km • Tires for wear and proper pressure, including spare
• Extreme hot or cold operation • Windshield washer fluid
8,000 – • Extended idling Check Every Six Months
11,999 km • Extended hot or cold operation • Battery connections; clean if required
• Moderate to heavy load/towing • Body and door drain holes for obstruction; clean if required
• Mountainous or off-road conditions
• Cooling system fluid level and coolant strength
• Door weatherstrips for wear; lubricate if necessary
12,000 – • Normal commuting with highway driving
16,000 km • No, or moderate, load/towing • Hinges/latches/outside locks for proper operation; lubricate
• Flat to moderately hilly roads if necessary
• No extended idling See your Owner’s Guide or Dealer for details

If your vehicle is not equipped with an IOLM, consult your Owner’s
Guide or speak with your Service Advisor to determine the optimal No Charge Towing
oil change interval for your vehicle

We stand behind our parts and service! Should your vehicle break
• Air filters help keep the proper mix of clean air and fuel in down as a result of a Dealer-installed part covered under a valid
Replace the engine and protect against dust and dirt
Engine Air Ford warranty, Ford will reimburse you for towing to the nearest
Filter • Clean engine filters help maintain fuel efficiency and Ford dealership, except on repairs/replacements under the Ford
prevent increased vehicle emissions Protection Plan† beyond 12 months or 20,000 kilometres.*
• A clean cabin air filter (if equipped) helps ensure the
Replace heating and cooling systems work to their maximum Peace-of-mind Warranty Protection
Cabin Air benefit and remove over 90% of pollen and road dust
Filter Ford and Ford Lincoln dealerships feature Ford Original Equipment
larger than 3 microns from the cabin air stream and Motorcraft® parts. Each part is the result of the latest
• Tire inspections help to identify tire damage that could research, development, engineering and testing. Most Motorcraft®
compromise the safety of your vehicle and alignment parts are warranted by the Ford Motor Company of Canada,
Tire issues causing unusual wear Limited, for a minimum 12 months or 20,000 kilometres (whichever
Inspection occurs first).*
and Rotation • Rotation helps reduce premature tire wear to prolong the
life of your tires Also, ask your Service Advisor about our Ford Protection Plan† that
• Proper inflation maximizes fuel efficiency offers a Lifetime Warranty on brakes, sheet metal, and other parts

• Brakes are an important safety system of your vehicle – *Some restrictions, limitations, and exclusions apply. See your Service Advisor for
regular brake inspections can help ensure that your details

brake parts function at optimum performance for your †Ford Protection Plan is only available for non-commercial cars and light trucks. If
Brake added peace of mind and safety an eligible Ford, Motorcraft®, or Ford-approved part fails due to a defect in material
Inspection • May help identify the need for service, allowing the or workmanship, wear out or rust through, it will be replaced at no charge as long
as the original purchaser of the part owns the vehicle on which the part was
correction of minor problems that could cause damage installed. Labour is covered for the first 12 months or 20,000 kilometres (whichever
and unusual wear if neglected, resulting in major repairs occurs first) after the date of installation. Parking brake pads are not eligible under
down the road this plan. See Service Advisor for complete details and limitations

To help take the guesswork out of your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance, your Service Advisor will utilize tools, which are only available at your Ford Store, that contain the recommended maintenance schedule designed specifically for your vehicle. Your Service Advisor can also provide you with information regarding Ford Extended Service Plans’

You can performs these checks yourself, or have one of our Ford trained Technicians inspect these maintenance items at your next regular service appointment. Check Every Month • Engine oil level • Function of all interior and exterior lights • Tires for wear and proper pressure, including spare • Windshield washer fluid Check Every Six Months

Ford Roadside Assistance is a complimentary offering to all Ford owners for up to 5 years or 60,000 miles (from the date of sale), whichever occurs first. EV Owners: Beyond 35 miles, your vehicle will be taken to the closest public charger or EV Certified Ford Dealer.

The technical storage or access is strictly necessary for the legitimate purpose of enabling the use of a specific service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user, or for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network.

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1 Perform these maintenance items within 3000 miles (4800 kilometers) of the last engine oil and filter change. Do not exceed the designated distance for the interval. 2 Initial replacement at six years or 100000 miles (160000 kilometers), then every …

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Maintenance Schedule Template for Word Download The maintenance schedule can help you follow the steps which are required to maintain the vehicle. This PDF will have detailed description of the maintenance schedule which can be used for deep analysis of vehicle. Vehicle Maintenance Schedule for PDF Unknown Download

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How to create a download excel maintenance schedule template pdf?

If you take an interest in Fill and create a Download Excel Maintenance Schedule Template Pdf, here are the easy guide you need to follow: Hit the "Get Form" Button on this page. Wait in a petient way for the upload of your Download Excel Maintenance Schedule Template Pdf. You can erase, text, sign or highlight as what you want.

What is a vehicle maintenance schedule template?

Vehicle maintenance schedule template is detailed guide which can help you in maintaining your vehicle. Spending money on vehicle is much easier and maintaining the same is difficult. It has been made simplest by the schedule template.

How to set up a maintenance schedule?

Setting up a maintenance schedule needs a lot of facilities and creating an inventory is very important. It is a time-consuming exercise, but it is also a very essential one. You must note down all the resources and materials you need for the schedule. It will help others also understand what they can use from that list. 3.

What is included in the cleaning schedule template?

This file is professionally designed to include columns for details such as date of service, work performed, mileage at service, and costs. You can open this template on other devices that let you edit with the available file format. You can also see the Cleaning Schedule Template.

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