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2 2015-2016 Graduate Catalog | UConn
letter from the DEAN
The University of Connecticut offers graduate degrees in more than 100 subject areas, and we enroll nearly 7000
students in doctoral, masters, and certificate programs. The Graduate School is the focal point for all of this activity

We work with each graduate student who applies for admission, with advisory committees to facilitate students’
progress towards a degree, and most importantly, we celebrate with you and your significant others when you gradu-

The Graduate School offers a wide variety of services to complement the discipline-specific training you will receive
within your department or program. We work closely with the Graduate Student Senate, the Graduate Students
of Color Association, and the Postdoc Association to enrich the
community of scholars and to strengthen friendships and profes-
sional interactions across disciplinary boundaries

The University of Connecticut provides a rich, welcoming en-
vironment for graduate study, and we remain committed to the
progress and well-being of all our students. Should you consider
applying to the University of Connecticut for graduate work,
please explore our guide to graduate programs. If you’ve just
been accepted, you’ll want to read our guide, “What you need to
know before you enroll.” If you’re already here, we are delighted,
and we know you have made a great choice. You’ll find links to
helpful resources on the “Current Students” page on The Grad-
uate School website

Whatever your reason for viewing our catalog, I hope you’ll
find what you’re looking for. If you don’t, please visit our online
Graduate Catalog, or visit the “Contact Us” page of our website
to find the appropriate staff member that can best assist you

-Kent Holsinger
Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of The Graduate School

Graduate Catalog |
The Graduate School |
2014-2015 Graduate Catalog | UConn
2015-2016 3
drive to
Academic Calendar ..........................................................................5
Board of Trustees & Officers of Administration .....................6
Fees & Expenses................................................................................10
Assistantships, Fellowships & Other Aid..................................12
Advisory System................................................................................17
Standards & Degree Requirements............................................19
University Supports for Graduate Students..........................30
Scholarly Integrity............................................................................34
Addressing Allegations of Scholarly Misconduct................35
Complaint Resolution Procedure................................................37
Hearing Procedures of The Graduate School........................39
Programs & Courses.........................................................................41
4 2015-2016 Graduate Catalog | UConn
2015-2016 Graduate Catalog | UConn 5
Academic Calendar
The summer calendar and detailed information concerning the summer session may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar. For
course offerings, registration procedures, fees, and deadlines, please consult:

The last day to announce an oral defense of a doctoral dissertation for conferral of a summer 2015 degree is Monday, July 27, 2015

The last day to defend a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation for conferral of a summer 2015 degree is Monday, August 10, 2015

The last day for degree candidates to submit thesis and dissertation final copies to Digital Commons and related paperwork to The Gradu-
ate School is Monday, August 24, 2015 for conferral of a summer 2015 degree

The conferral date for summer 2015 degrees is Monday, August 24, 2015

Mon., Aug. 31 Fall Semester begins Tues., Jan. 19 Spring semester begins
Mon., Sept. 7 Labor Day – No classes Mon., Feb. 1 Courses dropped after this date will have
a W for withdrawal recorded on the academic
Mon., Sept. 14 Courses dropped after this date will have record
a W for withdrawal recorded on the academic Add/Drop via the Student Administration
record System closes
Add/Drop via the Student Administration
System closes Sun., Mar. 13 Spring recess begins
Mon., Oct. 19 Registration for the spring 2016 semester via Sat., Mar. 19 Spring recess ends
Student Administration System begins
Mon., Mar. 21 Registration for Fall 2016 semester via Student
Mon., Nov. 2 Last day to drop a course without advisor’s Administration System begins
written recommendation and dean’s approval
Mon., Mar. 28 Last day to drop a course without advisor’s
Fri., Nov. 20 Last day to announce an oral defense of a written recommendation and dean’s approval
doctoral dissertation for conferral of a Fall
2015 degree Fri., Apr. 8 Last day to announce an oral defense of a
doctoral dissertation for conferral of a Spring
Sun., Nov. 22 Thanksgiving recess begins 2016 degree
Sat., Nov. 28 Thanksgiving recess ends Fri., Apr. 22 Last day to defend a master’s thesis or doctor-
al dissertation for conferral of a Spring 2016
Fri., Dec. 4 Last day to defend a master’s thesis or doc- degree
toral dissertation for conferral of a Fall 2015
degree Fri., Apr. 29 Last day of spring semester classes
Fri., Dec. 11 Last day of fall semester classes Mon., May 2 Final examinations begin
Mon., Dec. 14 Final examinations begin Fri., May 6 Last day to submit thesis and dissertation final
copies to Digital Commons and related paper-
Fri., Dec. 18 Last day to submit thesis and dissertation work to The Graduate School for conferral of a
final copies to Digital Commons and related Spring 2016 degree
paperwork to The Graduate School for con-
ferral of a Fall 2015 degree Sat., May 7 Final examinations end
Conferral date for Spring 2016 degrees
Sun., Dec. 20 Final examinations end Graduate School Commencement Ceremony
Conferral date for Fall 2015 degrees
6 2015-2016 Graduate Catalog | UConn
Board of Trustees &
Officers of Administration
Members of the Board of Trustees versity Senate, or to the faculties of other colleges and schools. The
• Louise M. Bailey (Secretary of the Board) sixty (60) members, representing specific content areas derived from
• Andy F. Bessette constituent Fields of Study, are elected to serve three (3) year terms

• Charles F. Bunnell The membership includes two (2) voting student members chosen
• Shari G. Cantor by the Graduate Student Senate. The President, the Provost, the
• Richard T. Carbray, Jr. Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of The Graduate
• Sanford Cloud, Jr. School, and certain other administrative officers of The Graduate
• Michael K. Daniels (Student Trustee) School are non-voting, ex-officio members. The Council, repre-
• Andrea Dennis-LaVigne senting the Graduate Faculty at large, exercises legislative authority
• Marilda L. Gandara in such areas as admissions criteria, curricular and degree require-
• Mary Ann Handley (Governor’s Representative) ments, new course approval, academic program review, and the like

• Juanita T. James
• Jeremy L. Jelliffe (Student Trustee) The Executive Committee
• Thomas E. Kruger The Executive Committee has both executive and advisory respon-
• Rebecca Lobo sibilities to the Graduate Faculty Council and to the Vice Provost
• The Honorable Dannel P. Malloy (President), Governor of for Graduate Education and Dean of the Graduate School. Its mem-
Connecticut bership is drawn from the Graduate Faculty Council and from the
• Donny Marshall Graduate Faculty at large. The Dean serves as chair. The Executive
• Lawrence D. McHugh (Chair) Committee is the steering committee for the Graduate Faculty Coun-
• Denis J. Nayden cil. It advises the Vice Provost on matters of policy and regulatory in-
• Steven K. Reviczky, Commissioner, Department of Agriculture terpretation, approves plans of study and dissertation prospectuses,
• Thomas D. Ritter and considers on the basis of academic merit proposals to modify or to
• Dianna Roberge-Wentzell (Interim) create Fields of Study and areas of concentration. Members include:
• Catherine H. Smith
• Richard W. Bass, Professor of Music
Officers of Administration • Sandra M. Chafouleas, Associate Dean of The Graduate School
• Susan Herbst, President of the University – Storrs and Regional (ex-officio)
• Mun Y. Choi, Provost and Executive Vice President for Aca- • Sylvain De Guise, Associate Professor of Pathobiology
demic Affairs • Kelly Dennis, Associate Professor of Art and Art History
• Andrew Agwunobi, Interim Executive Vice President for Health • Etan Markus, Professor, Psychology
Affairs • Kent E. Holsinger, Vice Provost for Graduate Education and
• Jeffrey Seemann, Vice President for Research Dean of The Graduate School (ex- officio), Chair
• Kelly Jones, (ex-officio) Secretary
The Graduate School • Barbara E. Kream, Associate Dean of the Graduate School –
• Kent E. Holsinger, Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Health Center (ex-officio)
Dean of the Graduate School • Joseph J. LoTurco, Professor of Physiology and Neurobiology
• Victoria Blodgett, Assistant Dean of the Graduate School – • Shayla C. Nunnally, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Storrs and Regional • Lynn Puddington, Associate Professor of Medicine
• Barbara E. Kream, Associate Dean of the Graduate School – • Janet Watson, Associate Professor, History
Health Center
• Melanie Chenette, Program Specialist – Graduate Advocacy
• Anne Lanzit, Program Administrator – Admissions
• Lisa Pane, Systems Administrator – Information Technology
• Charmane Thurmand, Graduate Diversity Officer
• Ann Wilhelm, Database Manger
• Terra A. Zuidema, Program Manager – Records
Graduate Faculty Council
The Graduate Faculty Council is the legislative body of The Grad-
uate School. It establishes academic policy for graduate education,
except for those areas reserved to the Board of Trustees, to the Uni-
2014-2015 Graduate Catalog | UConn
2015-2016 77
To study for a graduate degree, a student must be matriculat- tion that they have acquired the requisite knowledge or skills for
ed by the Dean of The Graduate School before the first (1st) day graduate study. In addition, since each graduate program has a
of classes in their admitted term. No coursework taken before limited number of places, the successful applicant must have a re-
the date of admission to The Graduate School may be includ- cord competitive with those of other applicants in the same field

ed on a plan of study for a graduate degree unless specific ap-
proval has been granted by the Dean of The Graduate School. Regular and Provisional Status
Application procedures and required credentials for admission to
Unless students complete appropriate coursework for credit in Regular status are specified above. Occasionally students who hold
the semester or summer for which they have been admitted, or a the baccalaureate but do not qualify fully for admission to Regular
written request for a deferral has been submitted to and approved status may give evidence of ability in their chosen field sufficient-
by The Graduate School before the end of that semester or sum- ly convincing to warrant their Provisional admission to a master’s
mer, the admission becomes invalid. If this occurs, the student degree program only. Students admitted Provisionally must have
must apply for readmission with no certainty of being accepted. a cumulative, bachelor’s grade point average of 2.60 or higher. (Ap-
plicants are not admitted Provisionally to a doctoral program.) If
Students may earn a graduate degree only in a program to which they a Provisional student’s initial 12-credits of completed coursework
have been admitted. Ordinarily, a student is granted admission to pur- (excluding 1000’s-level courses) meet the minimum scholastic re-
sue graduate study in one (1) field at a time. A student may be permit- quirement of The Graduate School, she/he is accorded Regular sta-
ted with approval to enroll concurrently in two (2) different programs. tus. Otherwise, she/he is subject to dismissal. In situations where
special consideration is warranted, and only upon the specific re-
There are several approved dual degree programs providing the op- quest of the major advisor, the Dean of The Graduate School may
portunity for the student to pursue work toward two (2) degrees si- approve changing a student to Regular status if at least 9-credits of
multaneously. These programs often involve the sharing of a limited advanced coursework have been completed with superior grades

and specified number of course credits between the two (2) degrees. Regular, not Provisional, status is required for degree conferral

The list of dual degree programs offered by The Graduate School
and the other participating schools and colleges within the Univer-
Language-Conditional Status
sity (e.g., the Schools of Law, Medicine, and Dental Medicine) can
International graduate applicants whose English language proficiency
be found under “Dual Degree Programs.” In some cases, separate
does not meet the minimum standard to qualify for Regular admis-
applications must be filed for each of the two (2) degree programs

sion (an internet based score of 79 or greater, or a written test score
of at least 550, on the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language),
To be admitted to Regular status and to begin studies, an applicant
an overall band score of 6.5 on the IELTS (International English Lan-
must hold a baccalaureate from a regionally accredited college or uni-
guage Testing System), or an overall score of 53 on the PTE Academic
versity or present evidence of the equivalent. The applicant must sub-
test may be admitted as Language-Conditional Students. Those ad-
mit to The Graduate School official transcripts covering all previous
mitted on F-1 visas must be fully academically admissible as a Regu-
work, undergraduate and graduate, which must be of at least the fol-
lar student (see above). The applicant will have twelve (12) months to
lowing quality: a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 for the entire
meet the language requirement by receiving a Certificate of English
undergraduate record, or 3.0 for the last two (2) years, or 3.5 GPA or
Proficiency from UCAELI (University of Connecticut English Lan-
higher in the entire final year. The grade point average is computed
guage Institute) and/or receiving a passing English proficiency score

on the basis of the following scale: A = 4.0, B = 3.0, C = 2.0, D = 1.0,
F = 0. Applicants from foreign colleges and universities must meet
equivalent standards of eligibility and are expected to submit official Admission to the D.P.T. Program
transcripts showing all work completed. All advanced post-baccalau- The Department of Kinesiology offers a program of study lead-
reate coursework is considered, as well. Failure to send transcripts ing to the degree of Doctor of Physical Therapy. In addition to the
from all educational institutions, regardless of whether or not a de- standard requirements of The Graduate School, applicants must
gree was received, may be grounds for cancellation of admission. have the completed the following prerequisite courses: biology,
anatomy and physiology (8-credits), general chemistry (8-cred-
Applicants to most programs are encouraged to submit test its), psychology (2 courses: e.g., introductory psychology, devel-
scores from the General Test of the Graduate Record Examina- opmental psychology, abnormal psychology, or physiological psy-
tions (GRE) directly to The Graduate School. Letters of rec- chology), pre-calculus or calculus, statistics, and general physics
ommendation, usually three (3), preferably from members of (8-credits). Additional coursework in areas including biology of
the academic profession, are required by most departments. human health and disease, organic chemistry, human develop-
Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admis- ment, genetics, biochemistry, nutrition, exercise physiology, and
sion. Applicants must show promise of superior achievement and epidemiology may enhance preparation for success in the program

must have specific preparation for the course of study they wish
to undertake. If their records indicate deficiencies, applicants Dual Degree Programs
may be refused admission or required either to take background Below is listed the currently offered dual degree programs as of the
courses without graduate credit or to demonstrate by examina- 2015-2016 academic year:
8 Admission 2015-2016 Graduate Catalog | UConn
ture of undergraduate and graduate courses. To receive a certificate,
• DMD/PhD students must first (1st) apply for admission to a certificate program
• MBA/JD through The Graduate School and must then satisfy the require-
• MBA/MA (International Studies) ments of the certificate program to which they have been admitted

• MBA/MIM (ESC Lyon, France) To be admitted to either type of certificate program and to begin stud-
• MBA/MS (Nursing) ies, an applicant must hold an earned baccalaureate degree from a
• MBA/MSW regionally accredited college or university or present evidence of the
• MBA/PharmD equivalent. Some certificate programs may require applicants to hold
• MBA/PhD (Biomedical Science) an advanced degree prior to admission. The applicant must submit to
• MD/PhD The Graduate School official transcripts covering all previous work,
• MPH/DMD undergraduate, and graduate, which must be of at least the following
• MPH/JD quality: a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 for the entire
• MPH/MD undergraduate record, or 3.0 GPA for the last two (2) years, or 3.5 GPA
• MPH/MS (Nursing) or higher in the entire final year. Non-degree students may take up to
• MPH/MSW 6-credits before being formally admitted to an UConn certificate pro-
• MSW/JD gram. Students may not use courses completed at other institutions
to satisfy requirements of a UConn certificate program . Currently
Admission to the D.M.A. Program matriculated UConn students are encouraged to apply for admission
Applicants are expected to demonstrate outstanding musical abil- to a certificate program well before all of the required courses are com-
ity and to have a superior record of previous performance and plete. If a student earns a certificate and is subsequently admitted to a
scholarship. A completed master’s degree is required for admis- related graduate degree program, all credits from the certificate may be
sion. Holding a master’s degree from this or from any other in- counted toward the graduate degree, subject to the approval of grad-
stitution, however, does not render the applicant automatically uate program faculty in that area of concentration. The terminal date
admissible to the D.M.A. program. Areas of Concentration of- associated with the degree will be determined using the date of the
fered are Conducting and Performance. A personal audition is re- first (1st) certificate class as the initial date of enrollment for the degree

quired as part of the application process. Inquiries should be ad-
dressed to the Department of Music via email: [email protected] Occasionally students who hold a baccalaureate degree but do not qual-
ify for admission to a certificate program may be granted Provisional
admission, based on a recommendation from the program. If such a stu-
Admission to Ph.D. Programs
dent does not meet the minimum academic standards of The Graduate
Applicants to Ph.D. programs are expected to demonstrate outstand-
School after completing 3-credits, the student is subject to dismissal and
ing ability and to show on the record of previous scholarship and
will be allowed to enroll only upon recommendation from the program

experience that they are likely to do superior creative work in their
respective fields. Holding a master’s degree from this or any other in-
stitution does not render the applicant automatically admissible to a Non-Degree Study
doctoral program. Certain master’s programs, on the other hand, are Individuals with appropriate preparation who have not been admitted
open only to applicants likely to qualify for doctoral study. In gener- to any of the admissions categories described above may take cours-
al, doctoral applicants must meet all admission requirements for the es as non-degree students. All non-degree students are presumed to
master’s degree as Regular graduate students and must present evi- be taking courses for reasons other than earning a certificate, Sixth-
dence that they are capable of doing independent work of distinction. Year diploma in professional education, or a graduate degree at the
University. Should they later be admitted to a graduate degree, cer-
tificate, or Sixth-Year diploma a in professional education program
Visiting Students
at the University, usually no more than 6-credits will be acceptable
Individuals who otherwise would qualify for admission with
toward the degree. Credits accepted toward graduate degree must be
Regular status but who do not seek a degree from this Univer-
of B (not B-) quality or higher. For further information, contact the
sity may be permitted to take courses for an unspecified time if
Office of the Registrar at: or 860-486-3331

their work here meets standards of The Graduate School. Visit-
ing students may be working toward an advanced degree at an-
other institution, in which case they are presumed to be fully Admission of University Faculty and Staff
qualified to pursue degree work at this University. Others may University of Connecticut faculty members who hold tenure or a
wish to take courses as visiting students for personal enrichment. rank higher than instructor leading to tenure ordinarily may not
earn a graduate degree at this institution. Exceptions to this poli-
cy may be made by the Dean of The Graduate School, with the ad-
Post-Baccalaureate and Certificate Programs
vice of the Executive Committee of the Graduate Faculty Council

University of Connecticut Certificate programs are designed to
deliver valuable, real-world expertise to students in specialized ac-
ademic niche areas. Our certificate programs are conceived and New England Regional Student Program
developed by outstanding full-time faculty, and we offer two (2) The University of Connecticut participates in a regional program
types of certificate programs: graduate certificates and post-bac- administered by the New England Board of Higher Education. This
calaureate certificates. Graduate certificate programs consist program, known as the New England Regional Student Program,
entirely of graduate courses (those numbered 5000 or above). permits qualified residents of the New England states to study with
Post-baccalaureate certificate programs consist either entirely of reduced out-of-state tuition privileges. The purpose of the program
undergraduate courses (those numbered 1000-4999) or of a mix- is to expand opportunities in higher education for New England
residents by making available on a substantially equal basis to all
2015-2016 Graduate Catalog | UConn Admissions 9
students those programs not commonly offered at every institution. Program Inquiries
This practice tends to reduce duplication of courses and thus to uti- Inquiries regarding the School of Business, Master of Business Ad-
lize most efficiently the higher educational facilities in each state. ministration (MBA) program should be addressed to the direc-
tor of that program at: Inquiries regarding
Detailed information about this program can be obtained from graduate degree programs located at the University of Connecti-
The Graduate School website at: or cut Health Center in Farmington, CT should contact the Graduate
from the New England Board of Higher Education, 45 Tem- Student Affairs Office at: Inqui-
ple Place, Boston, MA 02111 or at: ries regarding the Master of Social Work should be directed to the
School of Social Work in West Hartford, CT at: http://ssw.uconn

Application Processing Fee edu/. Inquiries regarding study in Law in Hartford, CT should
A non-refundable fee of $75 for electronic submission must accompa- be directed to the School of Law at:

ny the application. It may not be applied toward other charges. This fee
must accompany every application submitted except for a doctoral de-
gree program to follow immediately a master’s degree program in the
same field at this University. (Fees are subject to change without notice.)
Application Deadlines
Applicants are advised to check with appropriate academic depart-
ments concerning deadlines, and they are advised to submit their
applications for admission as early as possible. At a minimum, ap-
plicants should file the application for admission several months
in advance of the first (1st) semester of coursework. In no case will
applications for admission to a particular semester be accepted af-
ter the first (1st) day of classes in that semester. All credentials, in-
cluding official transcripts covering all undergraduate and graduate
work taken up to the time of application, as well as the non-refund-
able processing fee, must also have been received by deadline dates

International Applicants
To ensure academic success, it is highly recommended that stu-
dents studying on a visa sponsored by the University of Con-
necticut be present in the United States and attending class-
es by the tenth (10th) business day of their admitted term

Students whose native language is not English, regardless of visa
status, must show evidence of proficiency in the English lan-
guage by having earned either an Internet-based (IBT) TOEFL
(Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of at least 79 or a Pa-
per-based (PBT) TOEFL score of at least 550, an overall band score
of 6.5 or greater on the IELTS Academic Module (International En-
glish Language Testing System), or an overall score of 53 or great-
er on the PTE Academic test. Some departments require the Test
of Spoken English (TSE) or the Test of Written English (TWE)

If you are not a native speaker of English and you expect to hold a teach-
ing assistantship, you must satisfy the University’s English Proficien-
cy Policy at: before
being allowed direct instructional contact. This policy applies to all
prospective teaching assistants, regardless of citizenship or visa status

Supplementary and Departmental Transcripts
If a student is admitted before completing a baccalaureate or graduate
degree or additional non-degree coursework which is in progress at the
time of application, admission is conditional on the completion of the
degree or coursework and the submission to The Graduate School by
the end of the first (1st) semester of study of a final supplemental official
transcript. Until all transcripts have been received, the plan of study
will not be approved. All transcripts submitted, including test scores,
become the property of The Graduate School and are not returnable

10 2015-2016 Graduate Catalog | UConn
Fees & Expenses
The schedule of fees contained on the Bursar’s Office website is ex- In-State and Out-of-State Status
pected to prevail during any given academic year, but the Board of Each student must file an affidavit of residence with the application for
Trustees and the Board of Governors for Higher Education re- admission to The Graduate School. A form for this purpose is provided
serve the right, at any time, to authorize changes in fees and to as part of the application. On the basis of this information, each entering
establish new fees applicable to all currently enrolled students. student is classified as either a Connecticut student or an out-of-state
student. Failure to file the form will result in classification as out-of-state

Fee bills, covering the semester’s charges, are computed by and are
payable to the Bursar’s Office no later than the first (1st) day of the Questions concerning the classification of graduate students as resi-
semester (See “The Graduate School’s Academic Calendar.”). dent (in-state) or non-resident (out-of-state) are resolved by The Grad-
uate School. In the event that a student believes that she/he has been
Financial Responsibility incorrectly classified, a request for a review, along with supporting
Graduate students are permitted to register, to modify their documentary evidence, should be directed to The Graduate School

course registrations without penalty, and to pay their fee bills
or obtain deferments through the first (1st) day of the semester. Residents of other New England states enrolled in certain graduate
Graduate students become liable for payment of tuition and oth- degree programs may be eligible for special tuition rates through the
er required course-related fees beginning with the first (1st) day New England Board of Higher Education Regional Student Program

of classes of the semester or session whether or not they have
attended any classes or have paid their fee bills as of that date. Office of the Bursar Website
Graduate students should refer to the Bursar’s Office website at: http://
Failure to receive a bill does not relieve a student of responsibility for for current tuition and fee information, procedures,
payment of fees by the specified due date. A student who fails to make and policies pertaining to graduate students and graduate programs

timely payment of an outstanding balance may be barred from all priv-
ileges normally accorded to a student in good standing. Additionally, Reinstatement Fee
any pending University employment authorization may not receive ap- The Graduate School regulations require registration in each semes-
proval or may be subject to cancellation. If there is a question concern- ter by all graduate degree program students, with the exception of
ing a bill, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the Bursar’s Office those students on an approved leave of absence. All graduate students
directly at: for clarification and resolution. who fail to complete initial course registration by the end of the tenth
(10th) day of classes of any semester will be dropped from active status
If a graduate student does not meet her/his financial obliga- and will be required to pay a penalty fee of $65. The reinstatement
tions to the University by the first (1st) day of a given semester fee is added to a student’s bill along with any registration fee that has
or by the expiration date of an approved deferment, an enroll- accrued. Students who do not register for longer than a year will be
ment and service restricting hold is placed on the student’s record. required to reapply for admission. A letter from the major advisor is
required to count previous coursework towards the new enrollment

Application Processing Fee
A non-refundable fee of $75 for electronic submission must accom- Refunds and Cancellations of Charges
pany an application to The Graduate School. It may not be applied In order to be eligible for a refund or cancellation of charges, a stu-
toward other charges. This fee must accompany every application sub- dent must officially drop all courses currently being taken for credit

mitted except for a doctoral degree program to follow immediately on
a completed master’s degree program in the same field at this Univer- The University grants a full refund of fees to any student dismissed
sity, or for a University Scholar, or for a current graduate degree seek- for academic deficiency or other cause, provided that the dismiss-
ing student applying for a graduate certificate program. If applicable, a al takes place prior to the start of classes. In certain other instanc-
fee waiver may be available. Please review The Graduate School’s Fee es, including illness, full refunds or cancellations of charges may
Waiver Policy at: or be made at the discretion of the Dean of The Graduate School

email the Graduate Admissions Office at: [email protected]

A student inducted into military service will receive a pro-
Post-Baccalaureate and Graduate Certificate rated refund or cancellation of charges based on her/his
Program Costs date of separation. The student in this situation must fur-
Please see individual program descriptions for fees and credit nish the Bursar’s Office with a copy of the orders to active
costs, which can vary across different types of certificate courses. duty, showing this to be the reason for leaving the University

Refunds or cancellations of charges are available on the following
schedule for students whose programs are interrupted or termi-
nated prior to or during a regular academic semester. The refund
schedule applies to students taking an approved leave of absence

When notice is received prior to the first (1st) day of classes of a se-

2015-2016 Graduate Catalog UConn 5 FALL SEMESTER 2015 SPRING SEMESTER 2016 Academic Calendar Mon., Aug. 31 Fall Semester begins Mon., Sept. 7 Labor Day – No classes Mon., Sept. 14 Courses dropped after this date will have a W for withdrawal recorded on the academic record Add/Drop via the Student Administration System closes

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Graduate Catalog Following are links (also present in the navigational menu on the left) to information about Graduate School policies and academic and professional degrees. For additional information, see also the Colleges and the Courses sections of …

It contains information about courses as well as the requirements of the University of Connecticut Graduate School. The entire contents of the catalog may be found on this website, but a PDF version .pdf of the catalog is also available for searching, downloading, and printing. Graduate School Registrar's Office News and Announcements

Graduate Catalog Message from the President Welcome to Brigham Young University. This website contains information about BYU’s graduate degree requirements, policies, and course offerings, as well as the University's distinctive mission, which reflects the values of our sponsoring institution, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints.

The Southern University Graduate Catalog is primarily intended for use by currently enrolled and prospective students, faculty, advisors, and staff. The Catalog provides an overview of the University’s curriculum, academic programs and courses, facilities, and educational resources related to the graduate programs.

The Graduate Catalog is the official listing of the policies governing graduate education at the University of Maryland, College Park. This Catalog documents policies and procedures set by the Graduate Council and the Graduate School, and is updated each academic semester to reflect changes and updates to policy.

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The Graduate Catalog is published annually by the Office of the Registrar. It contains information about courses as well as the requirements of the University of Connecticut Graduate School.

What is the texas am university graduate and professional catalog?

The Texas A&M University Graduate and Professional Catalog, published annually, provides information about the graduate and professional studies programs of Texas A&M University to students, prospective students, and faculty and staff of the university.

What is the graduate school?

The Graduate School supports excellence and diversity in graduate education and scholarship.   As a part of that support, the Graduate School houses the University's graduate interdisciplinary programs, the Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences program, the M.S. in Cyber Security program, and the Graduate Certificate in Conservation Leadership.

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