Israel Tour Brochure For Jan Feb 2019 Tour 5

Israel tour brochure for jan feb 2019 tour 5

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Synagogue where Yeshua read
the Scriptures. On the way to
Tiberias, we pass Cana of
Galilee, the village where Yeshua
performed his first miracle the
miracle at the wedding. Arrive at
our hotel in Galilee. Dinner and
overnight in Tiberias

Wake up to a beautiful morning in
the area where Yeshua spent 3
years of his ministry. Today we will
dedicate our time to follow in the
footsteps of Yeshua. After
breakfast, we will sail in a wooden
boat across the Sea of Galilee, and
As we leave the beautiful walls visit the beautiful mosaic floor at
and moat, we will pass the Tabgha the site of the miracle of
remains of the Roman horse the multiplication. Continue to
Sun - EN ROUTE racing Hippodrome and stop at Capernaum, the Town of Yeshua,
Depart the LAX US to Tel Aviv, the amazing remains of the walk along the ruins of this Biblical
Israel. Enjoy dinner served Roman Aqueduct, which has Village, and see the Synagogue
aboard the airplane. been beautifully preserved where Yeshua preached and the
under the sand dunes for 2000 house of Peter's mother-in-law

Mon - ISRAEL/TEL AVIV years. We will continue to Drive to Magdalah and have the
Mount Carmel and visit famous St. Peter's fish for lunch

Gurion International Airport, Mukhraka, the site where the We finish the day with Tevillah
our representative will meet the Prophet Elijah defeated the (Baptism) service at Yardenit at
group by the luggage carousel 450 prophets of Baal. From the Jordan River. Dinner and
and assist us through customs. here, there is a breathtaking overnight in Tiberias

We will be transferred to our view over the whole Valley of
Mediterranean seaside hotel for Jezreel, better known as the Thurs - GOLAN HEIGHTS
our dinner and overnight. Valley of Armageddon. After a After breakfast, we will drive
Falafel lunch in a Druze village, north to the Mount of the
Tues - GALILEE we continue to the famous "Tel Beatitudes where Yeshua
We will begin our tour after a Megiddo", the archaeological delivered the Sermon on the
sumptuous Israeli breakfast, mound, which inspired James
and drive south to the Biblical Mount. Then continue north to the
Michener's book, "The Source". Golan Heights, visit Tel Dan
port city of Jaffa. We'll stroll the
Here we can see the remains on to
narrow streets and visit the
of King Solomon's Stables, an Caesarea Philippi and the Banias,
House of Simon the Tanner,
altar from the time of Abraham one of the water sources of the
and the site of the prophet
(4000 years old), and the Jordan River. Visit Mount Ben Tal

magnificent water tunnel. We From this military lookout, view
north along the famous
continue across the Valley to the borders of Israel, Lebanon and
highway, Biblically known as
view Mount Tabor. We arrive Syria. Travel south to the city of
the 'Way by the Sea', we will
arrive at Caesarea, where we in Nazareth where we will view Katzrin and visit the old Biblical
will explore the ruins of the the Church of the village. Dinner and overnight in
Roman Theater and the Annunciation, and the Tiberias

Crusader City. We will see the
reconstructed Roman city and
the prison where Rabbi Sha'ul
(Paul) was held in captivity
before being sent to Rome. This
was also the place where the
first Gentiles believed in The
Messiah of Israel

Fri Dec 2 - GALILEE to the we will celebrate with a Shrine of the Book, where the
DEAD SEA traditional blessing, while Dead Sea Scrolls can be seen

Today, after breakfast, we drive overlooking the walls of the We will view the Knesset
City of the Lord with a
archaeological site in Israel. We magnificent view of Jerusalem Jerusalem. In the evening, we
will explore the ancient Roman from the vista point at the will walk and shop in the famous
City with the amphitheater and Hebrew University, Mount pedestrian area Ben Yehuda
reconstructed streets. Continue Scopus. Dinner and overnight Street. Overnight in Jerusalem

south through the Jordan Valley in Jerusalem

via Jericho. We will view ancient Wed Dec 7 - JERUSALEM and
Jericho and the Mount of Mon Dec 5 - JERUSALEM We ELA VALLEY
Temptation. We continue our begin our day with a drive Today after breakfast we will
journey as we drive to the lowest along the Mount of Olives, and drive to the Ela Valley and
place on earth. Dinner and have an amazing view of The reenact the story of David and
overnight at our hotel at the Temple Mount. From there we Goliath. Continue via Beit
Dead Sea. will visit the Church of All Shemesh to Emmaus. We will
Nations and the Garden of end the day with Seudat
Gethsemane, the Kidron
Valley, viewing the Tomb of the Garden Tomb. In the evening
Zachariah as well as the Tomb we will celebrate with a Banquet
of Absalom King David's Farewell dinner and presentation
son. We will enter the Old City of Pilgrimage Certificates

via the Dung Gate, then
proceed to the Western Wall Thurs Dec 8 - Travel Home We
the remnant of Solomon's transfer to the Tel Aviv airport
Temple, the holiest Jewish this morning for our return flights
site and touch the ancient home

stones. We will continue to
the famous Tunnels from
the Hasmonean era and out to
the Via Dolorosa and the Arab
Sat Dec 3 - MASADA Market the Shuk, with it's
We will start this morning with a hundreds of stores selling
visit to Masada, the site of the many types of artifacts. We
Zealots last stand against the will visit the Jewish Quarter,
Romans. It was originally built as where we will see the
a magnificent winter palace for renovated Cardo and its
Herod the Great. At this great excavations, the Temple
fortress we will visit the Institute, and The City of
bathhouse, the storage rooms, David. In the afternoon, we
and the mosaics. We will have will overview Shepherds'
the rest of the day for R&R in the Field and Bethlehem

Dead Sea. Our hotel is by the Dinner and overnight in
shore of the Dead Sea where we Jerusalem

will swim, or to be more exact,
float on this amazing sea a Tues Dec 6 - JERUSALEM
Itinerary subject to change while
non-swimmers paradise. Today we will visit the Davidson touring for the best interest of the group

Overnight at the Dead Sea. Center and the Southern Steps,
then ascend the Temple Mount,
Sun Dec 4 - QUMRAN to where we will view the site of
JERUSALEM the two former Jewish Temples

We will leave the Dead Sea this We will visit the Pools of
morning and visit the Qumran Bethesda, and will exit the Old
Caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls City via the Lions Gate. Then
were found. From there we will visit Yad Vashem, the Holocaust
June 1
start our ascent to Jerusalem, Memorial. Later, we continue to
2500 feet above sea level. As we the Israel Museum and the Second Payment Due August 31, 2022
enter the Holy City Final Balance October 25
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