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Sustainable in Every Light
Table of Contents
2 ➤ A
 Legacy of Leadership
4 ➤ G
 lass and Energy Management
6 C
 radle to Cradle Certified Product Standard

8 ➤ S
 olarban® Solar Control Low-E Glasses
14 ➤ S
 ungate® Passive Low-E Glass
15 ➤ Starphire® Ultra-Clear Glass
16 ➤ O
 ceans of Color® Aqua-Tinted
Performance Glasses
18 ➤ Earth & Sky Performance Tinted Glasses
20 ➤ V
 istacool® Subtly Reflective
3 Color-Enriched Glasses
21 ➤ S
 olarcool® Reflective Tinted Glasses
23 ➤ PPG Certified Fabricator® Network
24 ➤ PPG Monolithic Glass Comparisons
➤ PPG One-Inch Insulating Glass Unit Comparisons
29 ➤ G
 lass Specification Tools
4 Cover Photo Credits
The Bow, Calgary, Alberta, Canada Cover Inset Photo Credits 3. San Francisco Public Utilities
Product: Solarban ® z50 Glass (top to bottom) Commission Building, San Francisco,
Architects: Foster + Partners; Zeidler California
Partnership 1. Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey Product: Solarban ® 70XL Glass
Glazing Contractor: Antamex Products: Solarban ® 60 Glass Architect: KMD Architects
Glass Fabricator: Oldcastle Starphire ® Glass Glazing Contractor: Benson
BuildingEnvelope® Architect: Morris Adjmi Architects Glass Fabricator: Hartung Glass
Owner/Developer: H&R Real Estate Glazing Contractor: Josloff Glass Industries
Investment Trust/Encana Corporation Glass Fabricator: JE Berkowitz, LP 2013 AIA COTE Winner
Owner/Developer: City of Newark
Photo courtesy of Tom Kessler 4. The Cirque, Dallas, Texas
Photo courtesy of Tom Kessler
Product: Solarban ® 70XL Glass
2. Durham Transportation Center Architect of Record:
Durham, North Carolina PageSoutherlandPage
Product: Solarban ® 70XL Glass Design Architect: Gromatzky Dupree
Architect: The Freelon Group & Associates
Glazing Contractor: Jacobs Glazing Contractor: Haley-Greer
Glass Fabricator: Glass Dynamics Glass Fabricator: Trulite Glass and
Aluminum Solutions
Photo courtesy of J. West Productions
Photo courtesy of Wes Thompson
www.ppgideascapes.com 1-888-PPG-IDEA (1-888-774-4332)
City Center Plaza
Location: Bellevue, Washington
Product: Solarban® 70XL Glass
Architect: NBBJ
Glazing Contractor: Walters & Wolf
Glass Fabricator: Northwestern Industries, Inc

Photo courtesy of Tom Kessler
PPG Glass:
130 Years of Innovation
1883 1945
PPG unveils Twindow ®, the
The Pittsburgh Plate world’s first double-paned
Glass Company is insulating glass, which 1952
foreshadows the green building Solex glass (now
founded, establishing movement by promising to keep Solexia glass) is
the first plate “homes warmer in the winter installed on the
and cooler in the summer.” historic Lever House
glass plant in the in New York City,
1920s launching the era
United States. PPG becomes one of the glass-clad
of the first companies modernist building

to successfully
glass. The patented
Pittsburgh process
accelerates production
and minimizes waves
and other imperfections
common to plate glass

1920 1930 1940 1950
1934 1963
PPG introduces Solex ® glass, the first PPG becomes the first glass manufacturer in the United
environmental, green-tinted, heat-absorbing States to use the float glass process, which remains the
glass. The product, now known as Solexia ® predominant method of making glass today

glass, remains popular with architects today
as part of PPG’s Oceans of Color ® collection

1939 PPG launches Solarcool ® reflective glasses

Whitewater low-iron glass by PPG glass, the General Motors Headquarters, Detroit

precursor to today’s Starphire® ultra-clear
low-iron glass, is installed on Frank Lloyd
Wright’s Fallingwater. PPG glass, coatings
and paint are still used to preserve the
architect’s signature masterpiece

2 www.ppgideascapes.com 1-888-PPG-IDEA (1-888-774-4332)
1989 1990
Azurlite ® glass (now Azuria ® glass), a Ultra-clear Starphire ® glass is
spectrally selective, blue-green glass, introduced at GlasTec ’90 in
is introduced. The Atlantis Resort in Dusseldorf, Germany. It remains
the Bahamas was one of the first large the industry’s clearest, most
installations of the product. transparent float glass

Solarban ® 67 glass features a
1981 2000 proprietary solar control low-e
One PPG Place, PPG re-introduces Solarban ® glass, originally coating that reflects the true
designed by launched in 1964, as a new category of solar timbre and brightness of ambient
Philip Johnson, control low-e glass that continues to set the light and color more accurately
becomes the standard for energy-saving performance. and authentically than any
showcase for a Heinz Field, Pittsburgh. architectural glass of its kind

new generation of
reflective coated
glasses by PPG

1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010
Solarban® 70XL glass, the industry’s first 2010
triple-silver, solar control low-e glass, is introduced PPG introduces Solarban ® R100
at the GreenBuild International Conference and glass, based on the same advanced
1974 Expo. With a light-to-solar gain (LSG) ratio of coating technology as Solarban
PPG glass is installed on 2.37, Solarban 70XL glass remains unrivaled 70XL glass, to provide high visible
Sears Tower (now Willis for its combination of solar control and visible light transmittance and neutral
Tower), the tallest building light transmittance. The Terry Thomas in Seattle reflectivity. Soo Medical Center,
in the United States. (pictured below) is a 2009 AIA COTE winner. Seoul, South Korea

1-888-PPG-IDEA (1-888-774-4332) www.ppgideascapes.com 3
Glass and Energy Management
Over the past half-century, glass has enhanced its profile and capabilities as a critical asset in the design and
development of green buildings. Beyond its obvious versatility as a building and decorative material, glass offers
architects the environmental advantage of being forged from basic ingredients, such as silica sand, soda-ash and
limestone, that are both plentiful and relatively inexpensive

Yet, the most significant reason for glass’s increased favor with architects is its dual ability to transmit light and mitigate
the effects of solar heat gain. Few building materials balance these competing functions so deftly, and, thanks to
ongoing advances from PPG in glass formulation, engineering and design, there is tangible promise for even more
eco-effective glasses in the future

The energy performance of architectural glass is
measured according to four critical factors:
➤  isible light transmittance (VLT) gauges the amount
of natural light a glass transmits into a building

To compare, the glass with the industry’s highest
VLT, Starphire® ultra-clear glass by PPG, transmits
84 percent of the sun’s available light in a 1-inch
insulating glass unit (IGU). On the other end of the
scale, Graylite® II glass, a dark-tinted gray glass
made by PPG, transmits only 8 percent of the
available sunlight

➤  olar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) quantifies the
amount of solar energy (heat) that passes directly
through or is absorbed into a building through the
INFR glass. Glasses with the lowest SHGCs block the
Caesars Palace ARE
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
D highest percentage of solar heat. Continuing with
Product: Graylite® Glass the examples above, in a 1-inch IGU, Starphire
Architect: Bergman Walls Youngblood
Glazing Contractor: Accuracy Glass
glass has an SHGC of 0.82, which means it
Glass Fabricator: Oldcastle blocks only 18 percent of the sun’s heat energy

Conversely, because of its dark gray tint, Graylite II
glass offers an SHGC of 0.21, which means it
deflects 79 percent of the ambient solar radiation

Georgia Gwinnett College Library
Location: Lawrenceville, Georgia
Product: Solarban® 70XL Glass
Architect: Leo A Daly
Glazing Contractor: Glass Systems
Glass Fabricator: Oldcastle
Owner/Developer: The University System
of Georgia/Board of Regents
Photo courtesy of AJS Studios Inc

4 www.ppgideascapes.com 1-888-PPG-IDEA (1-888-774-4332)
University of South Florida, Interdisciplinary
Science Teaching and Research Facility
Location: Tampa, Florida
Products: Solarban® 70XL, Solarban® 60,
Solexia®, Optiblue® Glasses
Architect: HOK
Glazing Contractor: West Tampa Glass
Glass Fabricator: Technoglass
➤ Light-to-solar gain (LSG) ratio is derived by dividing
a glass’ solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) into its
visible light transmittance (VLT). This calculation
measures a glass’ ability to transmit light in relation
to its ability to deflect heat energy

Glazings with a light-to-solar gain (LSG) ratio of 1.25
or greater have been defined as spectrally selective
by the U.S. Department of Energy's Federal Energy
Management Program (FEMP) guidelines for
commercial glazings

➤  -Value quantifies a glass’ insulating ability (or
ability to act as a thermal barrier between indoor
Leipziger Messe Neues Messegelaende
air and outdoor air). Glasses with lower U-values Location: Leipzig, Germany
are better insulators than glasses with higher
Long-Wave energy, e.g

cool air from air conditioner Product: Starphire® Ultra-Clear Glass
Architect: Von Gerkan, Marg & Partner
U-values. Glazing Contractor: Ian Ritchie Architects
The primary purpose of solar control low-e glasses, such as the Solarban glasses described on pages 8-13, is to
reduce solar heat gain, which is quantified by SHGC (lower numbers correspond to lower solar heat gain). Passive
low-e glasses, including Sungate 400 glass detailed on page 14, are designed to passively transmit heat into buildings,
generating higher SHGCs

Understanding Glass Performance
Insulating glass units (IGUs) provide four potential coating
surfaces. The first (#1) surface faces outdoors; the fourth 1 2 3 4
(#4) faces directly indoors. The two surfaces inside the
IGU, which face each other and are separated by an Coating
airspace and an insulating spacer, are referred to as the
second (#2) and third (#3) surfaces. 1/4" (6mm) 1/4" (6mm)
Clear or Clear Glass
Tinted Glass
Because they are “soft” magnetron sputtering vacuum
deposition (MSVD) coatings, Solarban solar control low-e
coatings must be glazed within the IGU on the second Outside Inside
(#2) or third (#3) surface

1-888-PPG-IDEA (1-888-774-4332) www.ppgideascapes.com 5
An Industry First — Meeting the
Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard TM
PPG once again led the industry by becoming the first ingredients and the commitment of PPG corporate
float glass manufacturer to have its products meet the management to socially responsible business practices,
Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard. Today, PPG environmental stewardship, social fairness and ethical
offers more C2C-certified architectural glasses than any business standards

float glass manufacturer

PPG glass products have been
To earn C2C certification, PPG glass products were Cradle to Cradle Certified since 2008

independently evaluated to measure their total life-cycle
impact on human health and the environment. The
assessment considered critical variables, such as how
efficiently water and energy are used in their manufacture,
the sustainability and reusability of their material
500 5th Avenue North
Location: Seattle, Washington
Product: Solarban® 70XL Glass
Architect: NBBJ
Glass Fabricator: Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®
Owner/Developer: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Photo courtesy of Sellen
Wake Medical Patient Tower
100 60
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Product: Solarban® 70XL Glass
90 50
Architect: BBH Design 80 40
Glazing Contractor: Holesteen
Glass Fabricator: Oldcastle 70 30
60 20
Photo courtesy of J. West Productions
50 10
40 0
Solarban® Solar 30 Control Low-E Glasses
For sustainable buildings, architects 20 seek transparent glass that transmits high levels of natural light while blocking the 100
energy-draining effects of the sun. 10 90
For more than 20 years, Solarban0solar control low-e glasses have set the standard for solar control performance in 80
the architectural glass industry. Since being introduced in the 1990s, more than 300 million square feet of Solarban 70
glass products have been installed on buildings throughout the world, adding sleekness and beauty while delivering
immeasurable energy savings. 90
60 breakthrough in solar control low-e glass, offers the most balanced combination
Solarban 70XL glass, a technological
of visible light transmittance, solar control and clarity. 20
40(SHGC) of 0.27 and visible light transmittance (VLT) of 64 percent in a 1-inch
With a solar heat gain coefficient
insulating glass unit (IGU), Solarban 70XL glass produces a light-to-solar gain (LSG) ratio of 2.37, which places it
among the highest-performing glasses available

For a tinted glass appearance in 10an IGU, Solarban 70XL glass can be used on the second (#2) or third (#3) surface
with many tinted glasses from PPG, including those from the Oceans of Color or Earth & Sky collections of performance
0 1
tinted glasses

Spectral Curve
Solarban® 72 Glass
PPG Clear Glass
Solarban® 70XL Glass
Solarban® z50 Glass
Solarbronze® Glass
40 Solarban® R100 Glass
Solargray® Glass Solarban® 67 Glass
Solarblue® Glass
Solexia® Glass
Solarban® 60 Glass
Graylite® II Glass 10
Azuria® Glass
900 1000 1500 2000 2500 300 350 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 1500 2000 2500
As this chart illustrates, when compared to conventional clear glass, Solarban solar control, low-e glasses significantly limit the amount of solar radiation that enters a building
from the infrared (heat energy) portion of the solar spectrum while Sungate passive low-e glasses allow more solar radiation. Light transmittance from the visible portion of the
solar spectrum remains comparatively high. Typically in commercial buildings, it is ideal to maximize visible light transmittance to optimize daylighting while limiting infrared
energy to reduce cooling load

8 www.ppgideascapes.com 1-888-PPG-IDEA (1-888-774-4332)

Float glass manufacturer to have its products meet the Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard. Today, PPG offers more C2C-certified architectural glasses than any float glass manufacturer. To earn C2C certification, PPG glass products were independently evaluated to measure their total life-cycle impact on human health and the environment. The

Common to plate glass. 1934 PPG introduces Solex® glass, the first environmental, green-tinted, heat-absorbing glass. The product, now known as Solexia® glass, remains popular with architects today as part of PPG’s Oceans of Color® collection. 1939 Whitewater low-iron glass by PPG glass, the precursor to today’s Starphire® ultra-clear

PITTSBURGH, Feb. 3, 2016 – PPG (NYSE:PPG) has published a new architectural glass catalog that features vibrant photography of award-winning buildings, detailed product descriptions and comprehensive …

Pittsburghand Pure Performance are registered trademarks of PPG Architectural Finishes, Inc. Glass colors represented in this brochure are approximate and reflect the effects of ambient lighting conditions as well as the photographic and lithographic processes. 1-888-PPG-IDEA (1-888-774-4332) www.ppgideascapes.com.

Ppg glass configurator with a click of the mouse, architects can search and compare more than 120 ppg architectural glass and coating combinations by product description and performance data, including winter u-value, outdoor visible light reflectance, solar heat gain coefficient (shgc), visible light transmittance (vlt) and light to solar gain …

Of new and improved architectural glass options translates into more opportunities for architects to realize their design visions with the products PPG has developed, such as low-iron Starphire Ultra-Clear™ glass; Solarban® 70XL glass, the world’s first MSVD triple-silver-coated low-e glass; and now, Solarban® 90 solar control low-e glass.

PPG Industries (NYSE: PPG) has published a new architectural glass catalog that features spectacular photography of 40 building projects along with detailed descriptions and performance data for more than two dozen architectural glass products, including SOLARBAN® 67 glass and SUNGATE® 600 glass, both introduced this year.

PPG Industries has published a new IdeaScapes brochure highlighting the company's range of architectural glass products. The 16-page booklet includes an updated and expanded list of PPG's architectural glass, coatings and paint products, including:

For more than 130 years, PPG Industries has been a world-leader in manufacturing this multifaceted building product. PPG is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA) and has more than 500 active patents for glass. The technological advancement of float glass is a legacy that continues in our glass formulation, engineering and design of new

The PPG glass catalog contains an educational section about glass and energy management that explains how coated low-e glasses such as Solarban and SUNGATE® 400 glasses diminish energy use in commercial buildings by reducing heating and cooling loads and transmitting high levels of natural light. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) …

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ppg do for architectural glass?

PITTSBURGH, Feb. 3, 2016 – PPG (NYSE:PPG) has published a new architectural glass catalog that features vibrant photography of award-winning buildings, detailed product descriptions and comprehensive performance data for PPG’s entire line of glass products.

How do i get a copy of the ppg glass catalog?

To request a print copy of the glass catalog, call 1-888-PPG-IDEA (774-4332). PPG’s vision is to be the world’s leading coatings company by consistently delivering high-quality, innovative and sustainable solutions that customers trust to protect and beautify their products and surroundings.

Why invest in ppg?

Through leadership in innovation, sustainability and color, PPG provides added value to customers in construction, consumer products, industrial and transportation markets and aftermarkets to enhance more surfaces in more ways than does any other company.

What is the vitrosphere digital glass simulator?

VitroSphere ™ Digital Glass Simulator is our newest glass selection and design tool. Explore, visualize and compare Vitro’s range of Solarban® glass products’ color, reflectance and transparency across different building types.

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