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Starting a cottage food business brochure

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The GDA reviews product labels for formatting only. 1) Handwashing
Starting a
It is up the processor to ensure packaged cottage  Clean before preparation and packaging, and after any
food products are correctly labeled with the follow- unsanitary activity

ing information:  Use liquid soap, warm water and paper towels

 The BUSINESS NAME and ADDRESS of the cottage
food operation;
2) Bare-Hand Contact
 Bare-hand contact with ready-to-eat foods should be avoided

Business in Georgia
Use disposable gloves, bakery papers, or tongs

 The COMMON NAME of the product;
3) Hair Restraint & Clean Garments
 INGREDIENTS STATEMENT listed in descending  Hair restraint and clean outer garments shall be worn while
order of predominance by weight (including all processing and packaging

ingredients broken down into sub-ingredients); 4) Eating, Drinking, & Tobacco
 The NET WEIGHT or VOLUME of the product;  Employees should not eat, drink, or use tobacco products
while processing and packaging

 ALLERGEN declarations following FDA require- 5) Preventing Contamination When Tasting
ments;*  Employees should not use a utensil more than once to taste a
cottage food product

 NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION if any nutritional
claims are made; and 6) Employee Health
 Employees exhibiting the following symptoms should not
 The COTTAGE FOOD STATEMENT in 10-pt Times process or package cottage foods:
New Roman or Arial font, in a legible color:  Vomiting;
 Fever;
SAFETY INSPECTIONS.”  Sore throat with fever

*There are eight major food allergens that must 7) Unauthorized Persons
always be clearly identified on a food label in either  No persons other than the operator or employees under their
supervision should be in the kitchen during processing or
the ingredients statement and/or in a “Contains” packaging

statement immediately after the ingredients state-
8) Food Contact Surfaces
ment: Milk, Eggs, Fish, Crustacean Shellfish, Tree
 Food contact surfaces of equipment and utensils should be
Nuts, Wheat, Peanuts, and Soybeans. clean to sight and touch before processing, and as necessary GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF
For additional labeling questions and support, during processing to prevent product contamination. AGRICULTURE
contact the Food Safety Division headquarters office 9) Proper Storage of Ingredients/Finished Products
at 404-656-3627.  Ingredients and finished products should be stored separate Gary W. Black
from residential supplies, and in a manner that prevents Commissioner

10) Proper Use & Storage of Chemicals
Visit the Food Safety Division’s website for additional  Chemicals should be used according to the label instructions; Food Safety Division
information, including information about getting a  Stored to prevent contamination of food and contact surfaces; 19 Martin Luther King Jr Dr SW
notarized affidavit for proof of U.S. citizenship,  Spray bottles should be labeled; and Room 306
 No pest control chemicals shall be used in the kitchen. Atlanta, GA 30334
Cottage Food Regulations, license application, Food
11) Pests
Labeling brochure, contact information for the Dis-
 Pests should not be present, and the kitchen should be kept Phone: 404-656-3627
trict Offices, FAQs, guidelines for food sold at non- clean to prevent harborage conditions. Fax: 404-463-6428
profit events, and more. 12) Pets
 Pets should not be allowed in the kitchen during processing Twitter @GDAFoodSafety
and packaging

Starting a Cottage Food Business
If you want to start a cottage food business, there are The Cottage Food License Application form is
some steps you should complete before you contact available on the GDA website, at any of the District
Cottage food sales are allowed under Georgia regula- the GDA about becoming licensed: Offices, or via fax, mail, or email. Prior to licensing, a
tions, Chapter 40-7-19. Licensed cottage food opera- notarized affidavit and proof of U.S. citizenship is
 The first step is to contact your city/county PLAN-
tors can only make non-potentially hazardous foods required. There is an annual $100 license fee (new
NING & ZONING office(s) to make sure there are
(see Approved Cottage Food Products below). Opera-
no local ordinances that prevent you from legally cottage food operators applying after June 30th pay
tors can use their domestic home kitchen to produce $50). All products the cottage food operator intends
operating a home-based business

products to sell directly to consumers at non-profit to produce must be listed on the application form;
events, for-profit events, and through on-line internet  The next step depends on water/sewage connec-
these products are then listed on the cottage food
sales. Cottage food operators may not distribute or tions:
license issued to the operator. If the operator decides
wholesale these products, nor can they ship cottage  If you are on a PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY, your to change or add additional cottage food products
food products across state lines. Without a Food Sales water quality should be acceptable. If you (not listed on the original application) the operator
Establishment License, cottage food products are con- have a PRIVATE WELL, the water will have to must file another application form and pay an addi-
sidered to be from an unapproved source, and cannot be tested annually for coliforms and nitrates. tional license fee to cover the cost of the re-
be distributed to retail stores, restaurants, or institu- The GDA can perform this test at an annual inspection of the home kitchen and processing the
tions. testing fee of $100. new application

APPROVED COTTAGE FOOD PRODUCTS  For sewage disposal, if you are on city/county INSPECTIONS
The following products can be produced with a sewer, you should contact your local PUBLIC
The GDA will perform a one-time, pre-operational
Cottage Food License: UTILITIES to ensure your cottage food opera-
inspection after processing the Cottage Food License
tions are acceptable for the existing system

 Loaf Breads, Rolls, and Biscuits; Application, which ensures the cottage food operator
If you use a private system, you should con-
 Cakes (except those that require refrigeration); can meet the requirements of the regulations. After
tact your county health department to en-
 Pastries and Cookies; the pre-operational inspection, the GDA only per-
sure your SEPTIC SYSTEM can handle the out-
 Candies and Confections; forms additional inspections as needed due to a
put from your cottage food operations

 Fruit Pies; change in operations (add/changing products), or to
 The last step is to obtain FOOD investigate consumer complaints and potential food-
 Jams, Jellies, and Preserves (not to include
Fruit Butters); SAFETY TRAINING that is borne illness outbreaks

American National Standards
Institute (ANSI) accredited. There are three ac-
 Dry Herbs, Seasonings, and Mixtures; These simple food safety guidelines are “best practic-
creditations certified by ANSI: ServSafe™, NRFSP,
 Cereals, Trail Mixes, and Granola; es” for food handling in cottage food operations

and Prometric. A copy of the certificate from com-
 Coated & Uncoated Nuts; They are strategies used to limit the potential for
pleting one of these food safety exams must be
 Vinegar and Flavored-Vinegars; and foodborne illness outbreaks. See a summary on the
included when submitting a cottage food license
 Popcorn, Popcorn Balls, and Cotton Candy back page of this brochure; more information is on

Use disposable gloves, bakery papers, or tongs. 3) Hair Restraint & lean Garments Hair restraint and clean outer garments shall be worn while processing and packaging. 4) Eating, Drinking, & Tobacco Employees should not eat, drink, or use tobacco products while processing and packaging. 5) Preventing ontamination When Tasting

According to the spokesperson, the cottage food law was intended to support local home-based food businesses serving local eaters, not be a platform for selling food beyond the local area. However, it is possible some …

Starting a Cottage Food Business COTTAGE FOOD OPERATIONS Coage food sales are allowed under Georgia regula‐ ons, Chapter 40‐7‐19. Licensed coage food opera‐ tors can only make non‐poten ally hazardous foods (see Approved Coage Food Products below). Opera‐

47 rows · I’ve created a table for these Food Cottage Business Ideas with …

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i start a cottage food business?

  • Preparing foods that are on the approved food list
  • Completing a food processor training course within three months of registering
  • Implementing sanitary operations
  • Establishing state and federal compliant labels
  • Operating within established gross annual sales limits

What do you need to start a small food business?

What do you need to start a small food business? Basically you need to assume that you're not going to make a single dollar for the first six months of your operation. Because of this, all of the initial costs, rent, labor, inventory, appliances, etc need to be funded before you even sign the lease.

How to start a homemade food business?

Things to do before you start a food business at home

  • You need to create the right ambience if you are planning to start a mess at home. ...
  • Another vital thing to do before you start such a business is to evaluate your kitchen to understand whether you need any upgrades. ...
  • You will also need to think about your packaging strategy. ...
  • Next, evaluate your skill and determine if you will need help in the kitchen. ...

More items...

How to get a grant to start a food business?

  • Make a schedule – Many grants are only open to applications once a year. ...
  • Write a business plan first – Most grants ask for a business plan. ...
  • See what companies have been funded in the past – This can help you determine which grants you have a good chance of winning. ...

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