The Best Archery Targets In The World Cataloghi

The best archery targets in the world cataloghi

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Commitment to the Future..

Garion, Barbara, Atlas, James, William McGovern
Barbara and I appreciate the friendships and continual support of the Rinehart brand

Not only has our business grown this year, but so has our family with the birth of our son Atlas

Being a family owned and operated business, building friendships and partnerships for future generations
is very important to us. We look forward to another exciting year, both personally and professionally

As our family grows so does our commitment to providing you a premium American made product

Icon Legend / Size Key
45° scoring rings IBO Tournament Target
Shipped by truck only Height – from ground to shoulder
Length – from shoulder to tail
Cut for parcel shipment Unless noted otherwise

Broadhead friendly TARGET SCORING
ASA IBO Universal
Anatomical vitals
Crossbow approved
Official Target of NASP IBO
3-D Challenge
Decoys Decoys
Strutter Decoy Includes
With their patented design and lifelike Fan can be used separately STRUTTER DECOYS
movement, Rinehart’s Doloma series Get real this spring with Rinehart’s new Doloma
decoys prove irresistible to big game Turkey Decoy series. These lightweight, lifelike
and predators alike. The unique design decoys are sure to convince even the most call-
combined with the award-winning shy birds. Created from Rinehart’s exclusive quiet
sculpture arouses even the most weary foam, the strutting tom, jake and hen decoy can
animal’s curiosity. Doloma’s compact be used as a group, in pairs, or solo. But be
easy-carry design, lifelike movements, warned! When the real boss of the farm struts in,
and exclusive Rinehart quiet foam be sure you know which one has a heartbeat
eliminates the competition. before you pull the trigger

Hen Decoy
Put your next hunt in 49511 | Height 16" | Length 30"
motion with Rinehart!
Jake Decoy
49711 | Height 22" | Length 31"
FEATURES: Strutter Decoy
49911 | Height 27" | Length 20"
• Life-Size Silhouette
Hen & Jake Decoy Combo
• Easy-Carry Design and Carry Bag 49611
• Exclusive Quiet Rinehart Foam
• True Lifelike Movement
• Dual Pivot Points
The Spot & Stalk Turkey decoy has all the high
• UV Resistant Foam tech features you want from Dual gun rests to
• Hand Painted camera mount to viewing windows

• Patented Wind Motion
Buck Decoy • 2-Sided Fan Included
47111 | Height 29 1/4"
Length 49" • Life Size
Doe Decoy • Hand Painted
47011 | Height 29 1/4"
• Safety Orange Bag Included
Length 49" NEW
Doloma Buck /Doe
• Professionally Sculpted
Bedded Doe Decoy Reversible Tail Fan
47211 | Height 25 1/2" Decoy Bundle
Eastern or Merriam
Total Length 43" 47311 | Height 29 1/4" Spot & Stalk Eastern / Merriam
Length 49" Turkey Decoy
Antelope Decoy Includes Doloma Buck 48511 | Height 24.5" | Length 23"
48011 | Height 29 1/4" decoy with Doe head Simulated Wt. 30 lb

Length 49" and Neck piece
Coyote Decoy
49011 | Height 20"
Decoys in Motion
Length 23"
2 3
Targets Series
41511 | Height 19" | Length 21"
Rinehart’s FITA Wave Target system was Simulated Wt. 14 lb
designed to change the game when it comes
to competition range targets. Built using
Rinehart’s high density Signature Series
Foam, this target is designed for the repetitive
everyday shooting that a top tier archery
range generates. Comprised of four quadrants
and five patented Rinehart inserts, no other
target can provide the flexibility and durability
the Rinehart FITA Wave Target can provide

The Rinehart FITA Wave Target provides, for
the first time, the ability to replace not only FITA Wave Target
19011 | Height 52" | Width 52" | Depth 13” Yellow Fin Gar
the bullseye on a 122cm target, but also the 19021 | Insert 50311 | Height 9.5" | Length 49"
ability to replace the bullseye on all four 40cm Simulated Wt. 25 lb

Submersion Kit Included
targets. This five insert system combined
with our high density Signature Series Foam
ensures that the Rinehart FITA Wave Target
system will provide a comprehensive target
solution for years to come

­­­ Asian Carp
16011 | Height 16" | Length 33"
BRICK WALL SYSTEM Simulated Wt. 35 lb

Rinehart has unleashed the most versatile Submersion Kit Included
custom back wall mount system in the
industry! Sold by the piece, or as a unit,
dealers can customize their order to fit their
specific needs and purchase as many or as
few bricks as needed. Need a wall built from
the ground up? You can have it in no time
with the Rinehart Brick Walls’s easy to Magnetic Antlers
install system

These bricks can take countless hits without
any signs of tearing or damage. Simply flip Broadhead Buck
the brick or change up the order of the stack 12411 | Height 28" | Length 45"
to further extend the life of the wall. It’s that Simulated Wt. 100 lb

Sculpted Vitals on Reverse Side
simple! Each brick measures: 4” tall x 15” deep,
and is available in widths of 30” and 48”. 19900 Brick Wall System 30"
19911 Brick 30"
Rinehart Safety Topper includes all hardware 19921 Safety Topper 30"
with purchase. Brick Dimensions: 19800 Brick Wall System 48"
Height 4" | Width 30" | Depth 15" 19811 Brick 48"
(Base not included) 19821 Safety Topper 48"
Brick Dimensions:
Height 4" | Width 48" | Depth 15"
4 5
Targets Targets
FOR A FULL YEAR Rinehart’s award-winning RhinoBlock
This target shows you its best side every target sports six sides to choose from
time and is the longest lasting archery – each engineered to meet individual
target we’ve ever offered. We even practice needs. Two sides display a
guarantee the 18-1 for a full year! With 18 3D deer target zone – one showing
vivid target zones made from legendary 18311 | Height 16" | Width 16" | Depth 13" the outlined vital areas of a deer, and
solid Rinehart Signature Series Foam, the the other detailing an anatomically
18-1 can take arrow after arrow without correct display of a deer’s organs. The
losing its shape or integrity. remaining four faces of the target are
comprised of Rinehart’s signature,
If you shoot out all 18 sides in one year, we
highly visible target zones – allowing
will replace it – guaranteed hassle-free! 18-1 shooters to continue target practice
FEATURES: 18110 | Height 15" | Width 15" | Depth 15"
even in low light conditions.­­­­­­­­­­
• Lightweight The Only Target Guaranteed for a Full Year!
• Easy -Carry Handle
RhinoBlock XL The “big brother” of Rinehart’s classic
• Broadhead Capable 18611 | Height 18" | Width 18" | Depth 13"
• Crossbow Approved RhinoBlock target – the RhinoBlock XL
• Solid Signature Series Foam rocks an impressive 18” x 18” target
zone while still incorporating Rinehart’s
PYRAMID TARGET renowned Signature Series
If you’re looking for the best, replaceable insert

lightweight and portable archery RHINOBLOCK & XL
target on the market, the Pyramid FEATURES:
X-Bow 2 Go
Target is the answer. Whether you’re 18911 | Height 14" | Width 14" | Depth 14" • Patented Replaceable Insert
wanting to shoot the bow in the • 3D Sculpted Deer Vitals
Pyramid Target RhinoBRUTE • 40 Target Zones
backyard or you’re in need of a convenient 19510 | Height 14" | Length 18" 18511 | Height 16" | Width 16" | Depth 16"
camp target to make sure your setup RFT • Solid Rinehart Signature Series Foam
shoots true before the hunt, the Pyramid 18210 | Diameter 9" with Easy Arrow Pull
will suit your needs perfectly.­­­­­­­­­­ • Easy-Carry Handle
FEATURES: • 6 Shootable Sides -2 with Insert
• Extreme Lightweight Portability
• Solid Signature Series Foam
• Easy-Carry Handle The RFT is great for use as a crossbow Designed for todays high speed crossbows, it
• MOA (Minute of Angle) Sight-In Grid unloader in the stand or a throw is made entirely of Rinehart’s solid signature
target for judging yardage. foam. This crossbow target is the perfect
FEATURES: combination of durability and versatility

• Extreme Portability Large enough to sight in your crossbow or
• Solid Signature Series Foam take with you to hunting camp

• Easy-Carry Handle FEATURES
• Weighted - Always Lands Upright • Easy-Carry Handle
• Rated for crossbow speeds of over 500 fps
6 7
Genesis Target
With Youth Insert - 40 lb. max
18421 - Painted One Side
18423 - Painted Two Sides NASP™
NASP ™ IBO With Adult Insert - 80 lb. max

18422 | Diameter 36"
Stand included
Your students will compete on the
targets that the pros are shooting at. All
official animal targets have Rinehart’s
patented insert locking system and are
completely weatherproof for years of
shooting regardless of the type of bow

The “Teacher Preferred” NASP ™ target
from Rinehart is the top choice of students
at all levels. This one of a kind target has
a brightly colored scoring face on one
side and matte black on the other. The
low cost replacement inserts and built
in foam stand make this lightweight Scoring Rings are available for:
target durable for many years without Alert Deer
Alert Turkey
the annoyance of metal bands or wooden Antelope
frames that could damage arrows. The Cinnamon Bear
unique insert system is available in two Coyote
Standing Stone Sheep
options: one piece as shipped or with red
and yellow rings seperate
Anatomy Bear
30511 | Height 26" | Length 28"
Teaches shot placement
Inserts not available
Anatomy Deer
10711 | Height 28" | Length 29"
Simulated Wt. 95 lb. Anatomy Shot
Teaches shot placement Placement Model
Inserts not available 10811 | Height 19.5" | Length 23"
Removable shoulder blade,
NASP™ Target
80 cm Diameter
30 lb. max
Stand Built-In
19121 Replacement Insert
19122 Replacement Red Ring
19123 Replacement Yellow Ring­­­­
*NASP™ targets ship with standard
3D Target Stand
8 NASP™ insert 19121
Available on page 11 9
Targets Targets
18" Rhino Bag X-Bow Bag
57811 | Height 18" | Width 18" | Depth 12" 57111 | Height 18” | Width 18” | Depth 12”
The Rhino Bag is superior in construction as The X-Bow Bag features exclusive Dual
compared to polypropylene bags that quickly Layered Power Band Technology to last
deteriorate from the sun’s UV rays. Those season after season and stop crossbow
bags start out stopping arrows but over arrows traveling up to 450 feet per
time the the sun causes the cover to become second. The crossbow-specific MOA
brittle. Because polyester is UV stable and Sight-In Grid Target Face makes crossbow
provides superior print quality the Rhino Bag sight-in simple and incredibly fast

stays strong and shootable without the cover
becoming brittle from the sun

• MOA (Minute of Angle) Sight-In
Grid Target Face
• 12 Target Dots
• Rinehart Dual Band Technology
• 2 Target Sides
• Easy-Carry Handle
• Designed Specifically For Crossbows
Eliminates Bag Dry Rot • Rated For Crossbows Up To 450 FPS
22" Rhino Bag
57211 | Height 22" | Width 22" | Depth 12"
Indoor 3D Stand – Small, 18736 STANDS
Indoor 3D Stand – Medium, 18737 Indoor Target Stands offer the flexibility
1. Polyester Protection
Indoor 3D Stand – Large, 18738 to shoot indoors any time of year,
Most UV Stable Protection Indoor 3D Stand – XL, 18739 regardless of the type of target you
2. Polypropylene Wrap Hanging Bag Stand – 18740
Long Term Arrow Durability shoot. The Indoor 3D Target Stand
3. Plastic Cover is available in four different sizes to
Waterproof Barrier accommodate everything from the
4. Cut Foam Blend FEATURES: small Tom Turkey target to the mighty
Easy Arrow Removal • Bring Targets Indoors for Use All Year Mountain Goat target, and the Hanging
5. Burlap Center • Holds 3D Targets With ½ - Inch Leg Bag Stand is compatible with all of
Arrow Stopping Core Mounting Pipes Rinehart’s Bag targets
• Telescoping Legs Adjust To Fit Target Size
• Solid Steel Construction With Powder
Coat Finish
• Protective Feet Caps To Prevent
26” Rhino Bag Moving And Floor Damage
57611 | Height 26" | Width 26" | Depth 12" 3D Target Stand
10 11
Series Developed to allow everyone the chance to practice
for the elk hunting trip of their dreams in the
comfort of their backyard. Anatomically reduced
to 1/3 the scale of a simulated 600 pound bull elk,
shots taken at 20 yards are equivlent to a 60 yard
shot in the field

Woodland Targets are designed to take
an exceptional number of shots from field
points and broadheads alike. These targets
maintain their integrity for unparalleled
target life thanks to the high density NEW
Signature Series foam replaceable inserts. 1/3 Scale Woodland Elk
Rinehart paid extra attention to form and 23411 | Height 38” | Length 44”
finish on the woodland series

The Woodland 3D series combines the
lifelike realism we are known for at a
price point everyone can shoot for. Hand
sculpted, anatomically correct body
positions with finishing details that will NEW
have your asking is it real? No its Rinehart!
Jimmy Big Tine
20011 | Total Height 48"
Length 40"
Simulated Wt. 100 lb

Mr. Perfect
20111 | Total Height 58"
Length 45"
Simulated Wt. 125 lb

Booner Mule Deer
18011 | Total Height 58”
Length 45”
• Scoring Rings Simulated Wt. 200 lb

• Solid FX Foam Body
• Easy Arrow Removal
Booner Buck
• Patented Locking Insert 17411 | Total Height 58”
• Signature Self Healing Foam Insert Length 45”
Simulated Wt. 200 lb

• Designed for Compound & Crossbows
12 13
3D Series
Woodland Boar SASQUATCH
26511 | Height 22” | Length 39”
Simulated Wt. 75 lb

The new Sasquatch target lets competition shooters
and bowhunters prepare for anything that roams
Woodland Coyote the woods, in your imagination, or on a 3D range

43711 | Height 16” | Length 29”
Simulated Wt. 24 lb. Sasquatch stands a full seven (7) feet tall and is
made from Rinehart’s legendary Signature series
Strutting Turkey UV resistant foam. The target also features our
41611 | Height 25.5" | Length 20" patented locking replaceable insert when the
Simulated Wt. 14 lb

time comes

Woodland Hunter
16511 | Height 16” | Width 16” | Unlike the real Sasquatch, the Rinehart Sasquatch
Depth 13” has no need to hide since it will be able to resist
years of weather and UV light exposure that
destroy less robust targets. This target is carefully
sculpted for detail and meticulously hand painted
with lifelike coloring

It’s time to make your 3D range a bit more
271 | Height 7’
14 15
Alert Deer
105 | Height 34" | Length 32"
Simulated Wt. 160 lb

Midwest Buck
145 | Height 58" | Length 45"
Simulated Wt. 155 lb

Browsing Buck
129 | Height 34" | Length 32"
Simulated Wt. 160 lb

Bedded Buck
121 | Total Height 34" | Length
32" Simulated Wt. 250 lb

30 Pt. Buck
157 | Height 37" | Length 40"
Simulated Wt. 250 lb

3D Target Stand
Available on page 11
16 17

Rinehart’s FITA Wave Target system was designed to change the game when it comes to competition range targets. Built using Rinehart’s high density Signature Series Foam, this target is designed for the repetitive everyday shooting that a top tier archery range generates. Comprised of four quadrants and five patented Rinehart inserts, no other

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best archery target in the world?

The Best Archery Targets In The World 3D Targets. Cube Targets. Crossbow Targets. Bag Targets. Range Targets. BowTree. Why Rinehart? Self Healing Foam. Rinehart’s exclusive solid, self-healing foam targets can take hit after hit after hit without tearing or other damage. Locking Inserts.

What is the best 3d buck target for archery?

Morrell Bionic Buck II 3D Broadhead Archery Target Morrell Bionic Buck II, 3D buck target, is easy to set up. It’s a product made in the USA.

What is a 3d whitetail archery target?

The whitetail vitals and bone structure are exposed on one side. It is colorful as well. So the different part catches the attention of the eyes quickly. Unlike most of the other 3D deer archery targets, this one allows replacement of both the body and core. It is compatible with any broadhead, field tip, and expandable arrow tip.

What is the black hole 4 sided archery target?

The Black Hole 4-Sided Archery Target is an option that you might consider it to be thoroughly out of their world. It provides 4-sided shooting options with vivid and clear contrasting aim points to mix it up a little and provide some variety.

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