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Development of Cleveland from New England village to metropolitan area. Role of economic and technical change, immigration, reform, world outcomes for an existing 1000-level honors course through formulation of a contract with a faculty mentor. This independent study at the honors Cuyahoga Community College 2021-2022 Catalog 1. 2 Urban

Includes urban/suburban and majority/minority issues. Lecture: 3 hours. Prerequisite (s): UST-1010 Introduction to Urban Studies, or HIST-1520 United States History Since 1877, or HIST-1720 African-American History 1877 To Present, or departmental approval. OAN Approved: Ohio Transfer 36 TMSBS.

UST-182H Honors Independent Study/Research in Urban Studies. 1-3 Credits. Honors-level directed individual study. Must meet criteria set forth in the Honors Course Checklist used to approve regular honors courses. Study/research title and specific content arranged between instructor and student.

C. Describe how cities and urban areas relate to suburban and rural areas, the larger geographic region, and the world. Course Outcome(s): Identify the issues and challenges faced by cities, urban areas and their residents.

Sociology, or UST-1010 Introduction to Urban Studies. Outcomes Course Outcome(s): Describe and compare migration, adaptation, and interaction of diverse social groups and micro-cultures within Western and non-Western urban environments. Objective(s): 1. Describe the variety of cultures among urban populations. 2. Evaluate policy and ...

Urban Studies (UST) the university of tampa 2008-2009 346 330-331-332: Special Topics in Theatre (2-4) Special Topics in Theatre will offer instruction and experiences in specialized theatrical- related courses such as Theatre Styles, Stage Makeup, Stage Costuming, Non-Western Theatre, Beginnings of Realism, and Performance Arts.

About the Program. Urban Studies is an interdisciplinary examination of the force which shape cities and their surrounding metropolitan areas. Faculty are drawn from across the University, from multiple disciplines, to teach in the program As an intellectual field, Urban Studies examinees as well the strategies for dealing with many of the ...

The University of Southern California is a leading private research university located in Los Angeles — a global center for arts, technology and international business. It is home to the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences and 21 exceptional academic schools and units. USC’s Health Sciences campus houses renowned specialized care and research in cancer, stem cell …

The Urban Studies curriculum begins with an interdisciplinary Introduction to Urban Studies and then weaves the multidisciplinary urban offerings into a coherent understanding of urban life. This highly interdisciplinary minor is a great complement to any degree program.

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